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Yahovah’s Feasts in the New Testament – Part 8 – Feast of Tabernacles




In this series of posts, we’re going to briefly list Yahovah’s biblical Feasts, show the commandment in the Old Testament, then list New Testament scriptures that show Yeshua HaMashiach, the apostles, or the church observing these eternal Feasts of Yahovah.

Leviticus 23:33-43, “And Yahovah spoke to Moses, saying, 34Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, In the fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be a Feast of Booths, seven days to Yahovah. 35On the first day shall be a holy gathering; you shall do no laborious work. 36Seven days you shall bring a fire offering to Yahovah; on the eighth day you shall have a holy gathering; and you shall bring the fire offering to Yahovah; it is a solemn assembly; you shall do no laborious work of service. 37These are the set feasts of Yahovah which you shall proclaim, holy gatherings, to bring a fire offering to Yahovah, a burnt offering, and a food offering, a sacrifice, and drink offerings, the thing of a day on its own day; 38besides the Sabbaths of Yahovah, and besides your gifts, and besides all your vows, and besides all your freewill offerings which you shall give to Yahovah. 39Also, in the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when you gather the increase of the land, you shall keep the feast of Yahovah seven days; on the first day a Holy Day Sabbath, and on the eighth day a Holy Day Sabbath. 40And you shall take to yourselves on the first day the fruit of majestic trees, palm branches, and boughs of oak trees, and willows of the valley, and shall rejoice before Yahovah your Divine One seven days. 41And you shall celebrate it a feast to Yahovah, seven days in a year, a never ending statute throughout your generations; in the seventh month you shall keep it. 42You shall sit in Sookkuhs for seven days; all who are native in Israel shall sit down in Sookkuhs, 43so that your generations shall know that I caused the sons of Israel to live in Sookkuhs, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt; I am Yahovah your Divine One.”

John 7:1-2, 8, 10, 14, “And after these things Yeshua was walking in Galilee; for He did not desire to walk in Judea, because the Jews were lusting to kill Him. 2And the Feast of Sukkot in Judea was near. . . 8You go up to this feast. I will not go up to this feast now because my time is not yet finished. . . 10But when His brothers went up, then He also went up to the feast, not openly, but as in secret. . . 14But the feast now being half over, Yeshua went up to the sanctuary [Temple] and taught.”

Acts 18:21, “but [Paul] took leave of them, saying, I must by all means keep the coming feast as is my custom at Jerusalem; but I will come again to you, Yahovah willing. And he sailed from Ephesus.”

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