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Click on a link below to download a Son Of Man Bible module for whichever Bible app you use. The files are enclosed in zip files. You will need to unzip them with an app like 7-Zip, etc. If when unzipped you get a folder with the same name as your module, then open the folder and move the unzipped module database file into the Bible app folder and restart your Bible app. E-Sword on PC modules go under Program Files (x86)/e-Sword folder and the Android MySword module goes under MySword/Bibles folder. The Word Bible app on PC has a module install function under the File Menu. E-Sword on Apple and Android devices, use the e-Sword install function. Bible Analyzer on PC module goes into the Documents/Bible Analyzer User Modules folder. Import the SOMB.docx module file into the LOGOS Bible Software. #UnlockedBible #MelchizedekBible #MessianicBible #NatsariBible #ProperNameBible

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