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Will Tribulation Begin in 2021 AD?

Will Tribulation Begin in 2021 AD?

Daniel 9:27, “He will strengthen a covenant with many for one seven (of years). In the middle of the seven, he will put an end to the sacrifice and the grain offering. On the wing of abominations will come someone who makes desolate. A full end and destruction are decreed to be poured out on the one who has made the desolation” (Dan. 11:31; Mat. 24:15).

Ken Raggio’s latest video regarding the beginning of the tribulation

Ken talks about how the Pope is putting together a “covenant” with many for 7 years. The Pope calls it Laudato Si’. Wikipedia entry: “Laudato si' (Praise Be to You) is the second encyclical of Pope Francis.”

Folks, the Pope is presenting this encyclical to the United Nations in November of 2021. If he gets the United Nations to sign on to this covenant, we may enter the final 7 years of human history, the tribulation for the first 3 ½ years and the Great Tribulation for the last 3 ½ years. This would mean that Yeshua may return in the fall of 2028 AD. This is a serious end time event to pray about. Draw close to Yahuwah now. Repent now. Get your life in order and get saved if you are not. You must be born of water (physical birth) and born from above (spiritual birth in Ruach ha’Kodesh). Believe in Yeshua, trust him and him alone to save your soul.

We just finished the Fall Feasts of Yahuwah that included the Day of Atonement. From Feast of Trumpets to Yom Kippur is a time to repent, turn from your sin, and turn your life over to Yahuwah. We need a spiritual awakening now or we will perish in judgment. We have the blood of the innocent unborn on our hands. We must repent of this horrible sin or be destroyed. Humans blow it off as a joke. Yahuwah takes note and brings judgment. His Way solves problems. Turn your life over to him today.


Gene Benjamin II

Oct. 9,2021

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