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Two Evils

Two Evils

All Scriptures taken from the Son Of Man Bible, SOMB.bblx e-Sword Bible program module. Original work at Son Of Man Bible e-Sword module (SOMB.bblx and SOMB.bbli), The Word module (SOMB.ont), and MySword module (SOMB.bbl.mybible), were created and edited by Gene Benjamin II. These Bible modules are available for download on PC, Apple, Android, and other Linux devices from and On do a search for “Unlocked Literal Bible 9” then scroll down, and on do a search for “Son Of Man Bible” then scroll down.

The other day, while we were preparing to walk out the door to go to town, YHWH spoke Jeremiah 2:13 to my spirit. I said, Wow, Lord, what’s that about? When we got back home, I looked up the reference to see what was on the Master’s mind. This passage of Scripture is from the early days of Jeremiah’s prophecy. He began about 627 BC, per Jer. 1:2, in the thirteenth year of King Josiah’s reign over Judah. That was 40 years before Judah’s destruction in 587 BC. Jeremiah was preaching and prophesying for at least 40 years. Did you catch one of YHWH’s warnings to Jeremiah, in 1:17, “Get yourself ready! Stand up and say to them whatever I command you. Do not break down before them, or I will break you before them!” How would you like to have that motivational message from the Father before you go to work?

Jeremiah 2:13, “For my people have committed two evils against me: They have abandoned the springs of living waters by digging out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that cannot hold water!”

As I was meditating on this verse I noticed that YHWH said his people had committed TWO EVILS against him. Well, here in verse 13 we see the first evil, we have abandoned YHWH himself, our life-giving Springs of Living Water. We know that in America, this abandonment of YHWH began to occur at least back in 1962 when the so-called grown ups took prayer to YHWH out of our public schools, of which I was a student. No wonder our nation is going down the crapper. So, we know we’ve abandoned YHWH at least since that year, and probably long before that. But notice this verse doesn’t tell us the second evil that is bothering Father YHWH. We have to read down further in chapter 2.

Let’s read Jeremiah 2:19, “Your wickedness rebukes you, and your faithlessness punishes you. So think about it; understand that it is wicked and bitter for you to abandon me (CLUE: 1st evil), YHWH your Divine One, and to dread me no more (CLUE: 2nd evil), declares Sovereign YHWH of the heavenly armed forces.”

Here we see our second evil committed against YHWH; we no longer fear him or have dread before our Father in heaven. We no longer respect him or show reverent awe before our King. This Hebrew word for dread or fear is ONLY used this one time in the entire Tanach. It’s easy to read right over it and miss it. But that could be a fatal mistake.

Do you realize how dangerous these two sins are to have on our heavenly rap sheet, as an individual and as a nation? Abandoning or forgetting about YHWH and showing him NO RESPECT, NO AWE, NO FEAR? He holds our very breath in his hands.

These two sins led to the complete destruction of the southern Kingdom of Judah in 587 BC. It only took about 40 years from the time Jeremiah began to prophesy against Judah for it to be destroyed. 1962 was 57 years ago. YHWH has a really good memory, not like us old folks. The modern secular humanistic State of Israel has been around for 71 years now, and they are nothing compared to the southern State of Judah.

What I’m trying to say is that we’ve played out YHWH’s patience or long-suffering to the nth degree. His patience is, I believe, wearing thin. The blood of Yeshua will only cover you and save you if you repent of and forsake your sin. We as humans have to stop sinning in order to avoid Judgment Day. I don’t see that happening, do you?

Jeremiah 2:32, “Will a virgin forget her jewelry, a bride her veils? Yet my people have forgotten me for days without number!”

The Book of Jeremiah is for America and the whole world today, read it. Don’t forget or abandon your Creator YHWH, your only Savior, Yeshua ha’Mashiach. Fear and respect him, don’t defy him don’t snub your nose at him, and stop poking your finger in his eye! Judgment Day is right around the corner, hope you’re ready!

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