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The Coming Parabolic Blow Off

The Coming Parabolic Blow Off

Huh? What in the world is a parabolic blow off, or blow-off-top? It’s an economic term, actually. I am not an economist, so for the short answer, go here: Why is the world about to experience a parabolic blow off? Because the entire world, every nation, man, woman, and child has ignored Yahweh’s economic plan for most of human history. Ancient Israel may have been the only economy to ever exist that actually followed the sound economic plan of Yahweh found in Leviticus 25, the Jubilee. Of course, even ancient Israel rebelled against Yahweh and His perfect Word and lost their nation for many years. Modern Israel, along with the entire planet, ignores Leviticus 25 and its wisdom to their peril.

The Jubilee Cycle that Yahweh gave to mankind brings runaway debt and economic growth back together in an orderly fashion, once every 50 years. It solves the problems introduced by charging usury, or interest, on money loaned.

I just read the best biblically-based article on economics that I’ve ever read. It is a must read for EVERYONE old enough to read. Find that great article here: and be sure to read all four parts in the short series. Part 4 covers the math and shows the charts. The math is NEVER wrong. All economies in the world, and the world economy itself, is operating from a basic WRONG assumption. Economic output DOES NOT automatically always tend toward economic equilibrium. A direct quote from the article: “The mathematics which show that the overhanging debt that looms over EVERY economy ALWAYS compounds faster than that economy’s output.” That results in an ever-increasing spread between economic output and rising debt. For example, let’s say we have an economy that is growing at 7% per year, while the lenders are lending at 10% per year to cover their risk. After only 20 years at this pace the spread, or difference, between economic outcome and lending price is 286%!!! This is ALWAYS unsustainable.

ALL politicians, governmental leaders, financial folks, and common citizens have been operating under the false assumption of economic equilibrium for most of human history. This next parabolic blow off, or GREAT DEPRESSION, is about to pop. Read all four parts to the article before it’s too late for you and I to understand and maybe even seek the biblical Jubilee response to 6,000 years of foolishness. Unfortunately, I believe you and I are about to experience first hand the result of global rebellion, rejection, and defiance of Yahweh’s economic Law of Jubilee. Debt cancellation every 50 years is absolutely essential to economic health in our fallen world. Yahweh spoke and wrote His laws, we break them to our own detriment. Drought, famine, and death to millions of fish, birds, and animals all over the world are not unrelated events. We break ourselves when we break His laws.

I’m sorry, I don’t see an author to this series of articles, but thanks to the guy named Jeff, at the biblical research journal website!!

Gene Benjamin II

July 20, 2012 CE

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