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Let My Father’s Word Go – Again!

Let My Father’s Word Go – Again!

Gene Benjamin II, Teacher, Blogger, Editor, Publisher

As I’ve told you before, the e-Sword computer Bible program is my favorite computerized Bible study tool. The PC version is available for FREE from As far as I know, there is still a small fee for the Apple version. I found two versions of Bibles at that I could look at, read, use, download, etc. One they call the Unlocked Literal Bible (ULB), from which I built my Son Of Man Bible module, the other is called the Unlocked Dynamic Bible (UDB).

I recently uploaded the latest edited versions of the Unlocked Dynamic Bible, Version 11, UDB.bblx (PC devices) and UDB – APPLE.bbli (Apple devices) e-Sword Bible program modules, including their word processing .rtf files. All of my FREE e-Sword Bible modules are available for download from by the time you read/see/or hear this announcement (set up a FREE account so you can download files). Once you’re up on, just do a search for the “Unlocked Dynamic Bible 11” to get the UDB, just do a search for the “Unlocked Literal Bible 9” to see the ULB and the SOMB, the Son Of Man Bible.

I will continue editing the Unlocked Dynamic Bible in the future, but it is available today on If anyone would like to have the RTF word processing files for making your own e-Sword module(s), they are now also available on Just remember, you will need to download and install the e-Sword ToolTipTool NT program to build e-sword Bible modules, available also at Just imagine using a word processing Bible in your personal study time!! Just remember to make backup copies of your Bible modules/documents and only work off of copies.

My e-Sword Bible modules are FREE and legally FREED for your personal or commercial use. You are FREE to:

• Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially

Under the following conditions:

• Attribution — You must attribute the work as follows: “Original work available at” Attribution statements in derivative works should not in any way suggest that (Distant Shores Media) endorses you or your use of this work. • ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. Use of trademarks: unfoldingWordTM is a trademark of Distant Shores Media ( and may not be included on any derivative works created from this content. Unaltered content from must include the unfoldingWord logo when distributed to others. But if you alter the content in any way, you must remove the unfoldingWord logo before distributing your work.

Unlike paper based Bibles, these Bibles will last in computer storage until Yeshua returns. If He allows us to keep our computer or digital toys, they will last for at least the 1,000 year reign of Messiah on earth.

I believe I have found a better way to release my creative works to the people. It’s called a “Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.” This license locks my works open and free and legally freed for eternity, so my friends in the mission fields all over the world may take my work and with complete legal freedom, “translate, adapt, build on, revise, redistribute, and use the resources as though they were their own, without restriction” (Tim Jore, TCC, page 154).

To understand the power and freedom of the Attribution-ShareAlike license, read Tim Jore’s ebook, The Christian Commons over at Tim, in his free and legally freed ebook, explains this concept thoroughly. is the creator of the Unlocked Dynamic Bible, version 11, which I used as a base to create my derivative work, which is released under the same Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. I believe this is the higher ground of Christian missions in the 21st century. Attribution-ShareAlike licensing can take the Gospel of Messiah faster, farther, cheaper, and better than the old paradigm found in the paper/print publishing based world that believers have used over the last 500 years. Copyrighted material may be sold, but Attribution-ShareAlike licensed works may also be sold. At least NOW, today, in the 21st century digital world, we have a choice on how to release our creative works. You may copyright your materials if you want to, but I believe we have chosen the more excellent way with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licensing.

If you are interested in learning more about the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, go to their website:

Some FREE e-Sword modules are available from right inside of the FREE e-Sword Bible program, click on the download menu. Thousands of additional FREE e-Sword modules are available from Other e-Sword modules are for sale on

The .rtf Bible files can be opened in just about any word processor I know of. Save the file into a .docx file and it will be compressed from 17MB down to less that 3MB! I even loaded the .docx file onto my wife’s Android phone and brought it up in the Polaris Office app. It looks beautiful and is readable!

Search for “Unlocked Dynamic Bible 11” on and you should see several Bible files ready for download. It is not necessary to download the mySword version of the UDB. The guys at mySword already built in the ULB and UDB versions into their Android mySword app. Please don’t ask me for help with Apple or Android devices, or the mySword app. I know nothing. I’m a PC guy. Enjoy.

My e-Sword Bible modules are FREE, but if you want to make donations to help with this work, you can send money via Paypal to my wife’s account at, or mail a check or money order to Fill My Cup Ministries, Int’l, P.O. Box 414, Canon City, CO 81215. Thank you for your support.

Email me at anapto2 (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions about my e-Sword Bible modules.

I will also post this and future announcements on our blog at .

Gene and Marner Benjamin and Fill My Cup Ministries International, LLC, are not in any way affiliated with Distant Shores Media,,,,,, or

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