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1. I highly recommend the computer Bible program, e-Sword, from Rick Meyers at, which is available for the PC, Mac, ipad, and iphone. You can download the e-Sword Bible module that I created, the Unlocked Literal Bible (ULLB.bblx) at Download the ULLB.mapx LOGO file also and install both together, at the request of the original content creators of the ULB over at

2. I understand there is a similar app for the Android phone, called mySword, available in the Google Play Store. The brothers over at mySword, from RiverSoft Ministry, tell me that after communicating with me, they researched, found, downloaded, and created the ULB and UDB modules for mySword, that’s the Unlocked Literal Bible and Unlocked Dynamic Bible. The original Unlocked Literal and Dynamic Bibles were translated and created by the saints over at The Unlocked Literal and Dynamic Bibles are released under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 4.0 International Public License, and are FREE to copy and share in any form or format, just give the proper attribution to All the info is on their website. If you know ancient Hebrew, Koine Greek, and Aramaic, and have an interest in Bible translation, check out their website, they have tools and training!!

3. I would also like to introduce to you my version of the ULB in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI file formats for your e-book readers. The PDF file has a hot-linked table of contents, but the epub and mobi files are simple, non-professionally produced, for personal e-book reading. If you have the skills to produce professional e-books, I encourage you to make professional EPUB, MOBI, and/or PDF versions of the ULB and spread the Word around!! You would need my original .RTF file to make the conversions from. Just ask for it. And just give proper attribution to the good folks over at

4. If you are really interested, I can email you my original word processing RTF file, where you can do your own editing, footnote making or note taking, Sacred Name changing, or whatever suits your fancy. From that RTF file, you can make your own e-Sword Bible modules. If you are interested in doing that, you can download the e-Sword Tooltip Tool NT program from It’s just a fancy word processor that converts text into e-Sword .bblx and other module formats.

5. For your information and studying pleasure, there are thousands of e-Sword and mySword modules available for FREE download from There are also lots of e-Sword modules available from right inside the e-Sword program from the download menu item. You can buy lots of other e-Sword modules from If you download lots and lots of modules, you will want the e-Sword module installer, also available for download from E-Sword is simple and easy to use, yet powerful when you get more into it, but it always gives you easy and quick access to the Sword of the Spirit.

6. Also, I have a modified version of the ULLB.bblx module called the Unlocked Literal Bible-Sacred Name Version, where I stay faithful to the name Yahweh from Genesis through Revelation, Jesus is Yeshua, Christ is Messiah, etc. Also, I’ve done extensive correction to the chronologies in Genesis 5 & 11 based on the Septuagint and research from the brothers and sisters over at Associates for Biblical Research,

Just email us if you’d like me to email you the continuously edited and updated version of the ULB-SNV.bblx for e-Sword.

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