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March 2, 2021

By Marner Campbell-Benjamin

Jesus Christ—Yeshua Messiah, Our Great Physician!!!!

With the Covid-19 sweeping across the nations, and the entire world falling into complete fear and panic, I decided to share this amazing supernatural event.

Living in the USA, I have heard many people state that we are no longer in the time of miracles. Miracles were of the old days when Moses, Peter, Luke, and others walked the earth.

I can remember times when I would share my personal testimonies with humans about astonishing miracles in my own personal life. I have had revelations, dreams, and visions—one in particular that I will never forget about Yeshua’s Rapture and the end of the world. But this particular experience is one that I can add to my extemporaneous visions that caught me off guard, after fasting close to 4 days. What a mighty Divine One we serve!

On this night, I just happened to wake up at 3am to go relieve myself in the middle of the night. Before I could roll over and climb out of bed; I observed an angelic man hovering over my husband’s lower part of his body. I recall my spouse had been complaining about knee pains, and I remember precisely praying for him in secret just one night before. This male-looking angel was dressed in a white uniform, and he had a red band around his head. He carried a wide scope instrument and was looking down into it over my husband’s legs and knees area. I was just so stunned watching him, until he noticed I was watching him, then he instantly disappeared. I yelled out hoping not to awaken my husband, and told the angel: “Don’t leave, finish what you were doing!” But he whisked away as fast as lightning.

I could not sleep the rest of the night. I was so excited and wanted to share the news with my spouse. Early Monday morning around 6am, I called to my honey as he rose out of bed. “Hey, guess what happened? This angel was hovering over you last night, and I scared it away. This beautiful, magnificent doctor was working and seemed to be healing you, until I frightened him away. Wow baby, I asked him to come back!”

Two days passed, and my husband received his own testimony. When he woke up on Thursday at dawn, he woke me and said:

I felt someone grab my two legs just above the knees, jerking and spinning my lower legs around, I thought my lower legs were going to snap off, but I felt no pain. I assume the angel doctor came back. My knees do not hurt anymore!”

All throughout the Holy Bible you can find miracles about how Yeshua sent mighty holy majestic angels to perform mighty works for Yah.

At this time of troublesome moments and days, we should be seeking Yeshua’s face. Exploring Yahuwah’s Holy word. Putting aside all sin from our lives and asking for healing in our own bodies. I will place below a few scriptures you can read and hopefully learn to trust and follow our Great Physician. Endtimes are here, and many things around us will never be the same again. As we prepare to face our marvelous King Jesus Yeshua, trust and obey, because there is no other way to be happy in Yeshua!

Revelation 1:1-20

Mark 2:17

1 Peter 2:24

Jeremiah 8:22

Psalm 147.3

Psalm 103:3

Exodus 15:26

Mark 2:5

Matthew 8:2-3

Jeremiah 17:14

Jeremiah 30:17

James 5:14-15

Job 13:4


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