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Your Fan is About to be Defiled

Your Fan is About to be Defiled

2 Chronicles 16:12-13 HRB “And Asa was diseased in his feet in the thirty ninth year of his reign, until his disease was severe. And also in his disease he did not seek YAHWEH, but among the healers [the physicians].13And Asa lay with his fathers, and died in the forty first year of his reign.” The Master gave us this word the other day. Most humans still turn to human doctors and health practitioners to receive healing. Stop doing that, humans cannot heal you. Only Yahweh can heal you through the power of His Holy Spirit. As the end times continue to unfold before our eyes, you will not be able to depend on any human for anything, including your health. Yahweh is your Doctor, and He’s free of charge. You must now put your whole trust in Him, not just for your spirit, but for your physical life as well. Quickly, there are three levels to walking in health. One, you can get supernaturally healed AFTER getting sick, that is called Divine Healing. Two, you can REBUKE THE SYMPTOMS off of you when you realize you are getting attacked with an illness, that is called walking in Divine Health. Third, you can walk in Divine Life, knowing YOU ARE IMMUNE to all sickness and disease through the blood of Yahshua HaMashiach!! You will want to practice these levels as the last days encroach upon us.

Amos 8:1-2 HRB “Adonai Yahweh showed me this: And behold, a basket of summer fruit! 2And He said, Amos, what do you see? And I said, A basket of summer fruit (Kahyitz). And Yahweh said to me, The end (kates) has come on My people Israel; I will not again pass over him any more.” Amos was a pretty sharp fellow. He recognized a bowl of summer fruit when he saw one. Notice that in verses 1-2, Yahweh equates the summer fruit to the end times. Folks, welcome to the summer fruit of human history. What we see all around us today is the rotting core of the human heart, as foretold by the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3:1-5.The stench of human depravity is everywhere; you don’t need much discernment to see that human society is falling apart.

“3And they will howl the songs of the sanctuary in that day [the Last Days], declares Adonai Yahweh. The dead bodies shall be many; in every place one shall throw them out, saying, Hush!” Notice in verse 3 of Amos 8 what comes with the rotting of the summer fruit! The End Times, Tribulation!! This happens in the summer. Look for persecution of Christians to increase rapidly this summer. Notice that the people of Yahweh are howling the songs OF the Sanctuary, but they are not howling IN the Sanctuary of Yahweh! Why? Because the next Temple has not yet been built! Notice the signs of the end times: war, famine, and death. Folks, these days are upon us. It’s only going to get worse, before life gets better upon Yahshua’s Advent 2.0.

“4Hear this, you who swallow up the poor, even to make the humble of the earth to cease, 5saying, When will the new moon have passed, so that we may buy grain? Or the Sabbath, so that we may open the wheat, making smaller the ephah, and making greater the shekel, and to falsify the deceitful balances, 6in order to buy the helpless with silver, and the poor for a pair of sandals, and sell the chaff of the wheat?” Look at these verses 4-6, the love of money causes the love of many to grow very cold. Do you know that in many American cities today, it is illegal to feed or give a cup of cold water to the homeless? Friends, that is demonic, straight from the evil roots of Hinduism and other eastern religions. Have you noticed the decrease in the quality of food at the grocery store, while the prices continue to rise? The merchants are selling us the chaff of the wheat, instead of the pure whole wheat! Much of what you buy to eat has zero nutrition in it, but it does have a great shelf life, even the rats and mice won’t eat that stuff. Only humans are stupid enough to eat puffed dust and flavored cardboard.

“7Yahweh has sworn by the Pride of Jacob, Surely I will not ever forget all their works. 8Shall not the land tremble for this, and all who dwell in it mourn? And all of it shall go up like the light, and it shall overflow and sink like the Nile of Egypt. 9And it shall be in that day [the end times], declares Adonai Yahweh, that I will cause the sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in light of the day.” Verse 8 seems pretty self explanatory. That’s a huge earthquake coming to Israel and the Mideast. Does any of what you’ve read in Amos 8 sound a lot like Yahshua’s words in Matthew 24? It should, they’re both talking about the same period of time in history. Verses 8-9 sound like Yahshua talking in Luke 21:11, “And there will be severe earthquakes from place to place and famine and plagues. And there will be fears and terrorist acts and great signs will be seen from Heaven. And the winters will be severe.” Again, speaking of the same time in history.

“10And I will turn your feasts to mourning, and all your songs into a dirge [lamentation and elegy for the dead]. And I will bring up sackcloth on all loins, and baldness on every head. And I will make it like the mourning for an only one [Yahshua their Messiah, the Only Begotten of the Father, the rejected Cornerstone of the Sanctuary]; and the end of it shall be like a bitter day.” Verse 10 I don’t even want to talk about. We enjoy the Feasts of Yahweh. Sure, most everyone, especially the Jews, celebrate them on the wrong dates, but I believe Yahweh is including all human feasts and celebrations, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Ramadan, etc. Yahweh will turn our feasts into a time of mourning for all the dead slain during the Tribulation, billions of souls slaughtered and left to rot on the ground.

“11Behold, the days are coming, declares Adonai Yahweh, that I will send a famine into the land, not a famine for bread, nor a thirst for water, but rather a famine for hearing the Words of Yahweh. 12And they shall stagger from sea to sea, and from the north even to east; they shall roam about to seek the Word of Yahweh, and they shall not find it. 13In that day[the last days] the beautiful virgins and the young men shall faint with thirst [for the living water of the Word of Yahweh].” During this time of trouble, the worst famine will be the famine of the Word of Yahweh. Will it be because the Church of GeeZeus Christ has been pre-tribulation raptured, so no preachers are left on earth? No, it will be because the Church of GeeZeus Christ is FULLY APOSTATE by then!! Have you heard some of the crap being preached from the pulpits of those who claim to be the followers of Yahshua? It’s foolish blasphemy for the most part. It could also be because most Christians will have been martyred by then, heads will roll.

“14They who swear by the guilt of Samaria, and say, As your divine one lives, O Dan [Jeroboam’s golden calf]! And, As the way of Beer-Sheba lives! Even they shall fall, and not rise again.” This explains why Amos 8 ends with the sin of idolatry in verse 14. All idolaters will fall and never rise again. Yahweh is bringing destruction upon a world that hates and rejects Him and His ways, not to mention His Word. I guess that’s why we call whats coming, JUDGMENT DAY, or when the STUFF HITS THE FAN (SHTF).

Now read Joel 3 and see how close we are to this end.

Gene Benjamin II

June 28, 2014 AD

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