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You Will Be Bereaved

You Will Be Bereaved

A couple days ago, Yahweh gave us the following Scripture:

Ezekiel 5:13-17 HRB “And My anger shall be spent, and I will make My fury rest on them, and I will be eased. And they shall know that I, YAHWEH, have spoken in My zeal, in My fulfilling My fury among them. 14And I will make you into a waste and a reproach among the nations that are around you, in the eyes of all who pass by. 15And it shall be a reproach and a taunt, an example and a horror, to the nations which are all around you, when I shall execute against you judgments in anger and in fury and in chastisements among them. I, YAHWEH, have spoken it. 16When I shall send the arrows of evil famine among them, which shall be for ruin, for which I will send them to destroy you, even I will increase the famine on you and break the staff of bread to you. 17Yea, I will send famine and evil beasts on you, and you will be bereaved. And pestilence and blood shall pass among you, and I shall bring a sword on you. I, YAHWEH, have spoken.”

I was reading this passage, not really receiving anything, until verse 17 and the word bereaved leapt off the page at me. Yeah, the whole nation of Israel is in bereavement over the murder of their 3 teenage sons. But wait a minute, who sent the evil beasts to slay them? Yahweh says He did it. Why would He slay 3 innocent teenagers? Well, no one is purely innocent, but Yahweh is trying to get the attention of the whole nation of Israel. Are you listening, my Hebrew brothers? Yahweh is calling you all to repentance. When will you repent, turn to Yahweh wholeheartedly, and receive the Messiah, the One He sent to you almost two thousand years ago? Messiah Yahshua is still waiting for your answer, but time is running out. Did the whole nation of Israel grieve when Yahshua was executed on their behalf? I don’t think so.

I would ask my Israeli brothers to read Daniel chapter 3, the story of the 3 Hebrew boys who survived the fiery furnace of Babylon!! Why were they not slain? Why did they survive, when the 3 Hebrew boys of 2014 did not? Well, is it possible that while Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did not worship the Babylonian gods, or its king, maybe modern Israelis are bowing down to world pressure, Babylonian gods, kings of the earth, debauchery, homosexuality, adultery, and sins of all kinds.

The 3 Hebrew boys in Nebuchadnezzar’s day trusted and worshiped Yahweh alone. Is it possible that the 3 Hebrew teenagers in Israel, as representative of the whole modern State of Israel, do not even know Yahweh, let alone worship Him or His Son, Yahshua? The Southern nation of Judah was destroyed by Babylon, because of their rebellion against Yahweh and His Torah. Could it be that modern Israel could suffer the same fate, for the same reasons? It’s totally possible.

The moral bankruptcy of the entire world, including modern Israel, is a setup and a cause of the end times. Satan will again be given a chance to decimate Israelis, and quite possibly the modern nation of Israel, especially during the coming Tribulation. Satan will be allowed to come close to totally destroying Israel, but as Ezekiel 5 (and Revelation 7) reveals, Yahweh will always have a remnant.

Ezekiel 5:1-12 HRB “And you, son of man, take to yourself a sharp sword, the razor of a barber. Take it to yourself and make it pass over your head and over your beard. And take to yourself scales to weigh, and to divide them out. 2 You shall burn a third part in the fire, in the midst of the city, when the days of the siege are fulfilled. And you shall take the third part and beat with a sword all around it. And you shall scatter the third part into the wind, and I will draw out a sword after them. 3 Also you shall take from there a few in number and bind them in your skirts. 4 And take from them again, and throw them into the middle of the fire and burn them in the fire. From it shall come forth a fire into all the house of Israel. 5 So says Adonai YAHWEH: This is Jerusalem. I have set her in the midst of the nations, and all around her are the lands. 6 And she has changed My judgments for wickedness more than the nations, and defiled My Torah more than the lands that are all around her. For they have rejected My judgments and My Torah; they have not walked in them. 7 Therefore, so says Adonai YAHWEH: Because you rebelled more than the nations that are all around you, not having walked in My statutes, and not having performed My judgments, and you have not done according to the judgments of the nations all around you; 8 therefore, so says Adonai YAHWEH: Behold! I, even I am against you, and will execute judgments in your midst in the sight of the nations. 9 And I will do in you that which I have not done, and which I will not do the like again, for all your abominations. 10 Therefore, the fathers shall eat the sons in your midst, and the sons shall eat their fathers. And I will execute judgments against you, and I will scatter the whole remnant of you into every wind. 11 Therefore, as I live, says Adonai YAHWEH, surely because you have defiled My sanctuary with all your idolatries and with all your abominations, so I also will withdraw. And My eye shall not spare, and I will not have pity. 12 A third part of you shall die by the plague and shall be consumed by the famine in your midst. And a third part shall fall by the sword all around you. And a third part I will scatter into every wind, and I will draw out a sword after them.”

Yahweh has in the past, and will again in the future, destroy Israel for rejecting His Torah and rebelling against Him. But here’s a thought I’ll leave you with: If Yahweh destroys His chosen people over and over again, simply because He loves them and will not allow them to continue in rebellion against Him, where does that leave the rest of the nations of the world, including America and the former British Empire nations, who continue to reject Yahweh and His Torah?

Gene Benjamin II

July 12, 2014 AD

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