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Yahshua’s Last Nazarite Vow

Yahshua’s Last Nazarite Vow

This week’s Torah portion includes the law of the Nazarite vow. A believer can make a Nazarite vow anytime one wants to separate oneself unto Yahweh, to enhance one’s spiritual life by focusing on one’s spiritual life and fasting something in one’s physical life. Numbers 6:1-4, 13, 20-21 HRB “And Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, 2Speak to the sons of Israel and you shall say to them, When a man or a woman shall vow a vow, the vow of a Nazarite to be separated to Yahweh: 3He shall separate from wine and fermented drink; he shall not drink vinegar of wine or vinegar of fermented drink; he shall not drink any juice of the grapes; and he shall not eat dry or moist grapes. 4All the days of his separation he shall not eat from all that is made of the vine, from pressed grapes, even to the stem. . . 13And this is the law [Torah] of the Nazarite: when the days of his separation are fulfilled, bring him in to the door of the tent of meeting. . . 20And the priest shall wave them, a wave offering before Yahweh. It is holy to the priest, besides the breast of the wave offering, and besides the leg of the heave offering. And afterward the Nazarite shall drink wine. 21This is the law [Torah] of the Nazarite who vows his offering to Yahweh for his separation, besides that which his hand may get: according to his vow which he vows, so he shall do by the law [Torah] of his separation.”

Did you know Yahshua made a Nazarite vow on the night He was betrayed? He did, during His last Passover seder with His disciples, in Matthew 26:29 HRB “But I say to you, I will not at all drink of this fruit of the vine after thisuntil that day when I drink it new with you in the kingdom of YAHWEH.”

Notice the two parts of the vow that Yahshua made, the oral declaration of what He was not going to do, and the statement of the term of the vow, or how long the vow would last. Has Yahshua been dedicated unto His Father for the last 2,000 years? Yes, of course. Is Yahshua still keeping his vow? I believe so. He has set Himself apart unto Yahweh to intercede for His Church. But there is a day coming when Yahshua will take off His priestly robe and strap His sword on His side and head back to earth to set up His Kingdom, headquartered in Jerusalem.

So, here’s the questions. Why did Yahshua make a Nazarite vow, knowing He was going to physically die within 24 hours? He was under no obligation to make such a vow. He knew He was going to resurrect from the dead three days later, so why not? He knew He could fulfill His vow!! He is the only Person in human history Who can pull off a 2,000 year Nazarite vow! He knew Yahweh’s Law would still be in effect when He returns to earth in the 21st century!! What wave offering do you think our High Priest, Yahshua, will wave before Yahweh on that day? If Yahshua nailed the Law, or Torah, to His execution stake, how will He be able to fulfill His Nazarite vow? Well, obviously, He could not. So, did Yahshua lie? No, I don’t believe so. Did He not mean His vow? I’m sure He meant EVERY word of it. So, what do we conclude from this? The Nazarite Law WAS NOT NAILED TO YAHSHUA’S EXECUTION STAKE!! Oops. Sorry, greasy grace folks. I hope you will be there on your resurrection day to enjoy a glass of wine with your Master when He ends His Nazarite vow! The Law, the Torah, of Yahweh does today, and will forever, STAND!!

When Yahshua made His last longlasting Nazarite vow, He was fulfilling Yahweh’s law. When Yahshua left this earth and returned to heaven, He was fulfilling Yahweh’s law. When Yahshua returns to this earth and sets up His Kingdom, He will be fulfilling Yahweh’s law. My guess is, Yahshua will be fulfilling Yahweh’s law for all eternity. Will you join Him?

How was it that the Apostle Paul said it in 1 Corinthians 11:1 HRB “Be imitators of me, as I am also of Messiah.” Yahshua is the eternal anchor of our soul, because He is anchored in the eternal law of Yahweh. Yahshua will forever be a law keeper, never a law breaker. The world is being crushed under the weight of sin today because the Church at large has abandoned the law of Yahweh. Would you trust a homosexual pastor to run the Kingdom of Yahweh? Would you trust an abortion doctor to run the Kingdom of Yahweh? Would you trust a Satan worshiper to run the Kingdom of Yahweh? Would you trust a world banker or a corrupt politician to run the Kingdom of Yahweh? I hope not. You’d better be trusting the one Man who can keep a simple Nazarite vow for 2,000 years. His word is His bond of covenant, you can depend on Him and Him alone.

Until that day,

Gene Benjamin II

May 31, 2014 AD

Inspired by First Fruits of Zion’s weekly e-drash.

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