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Who Should Come Out of Where?

Who Should Come Out of Where?

Revelation 18:4, “And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.”

Jeremiah 50:8, “Move from the midst of Babylon, go out of the land of the Chaldeans; and be like the rams before the flocks.”

Jeremiah 50:28, “The voice of those who flee and escape from the land of Babylon declares in Zion the vengeance of Yahweh our Mighty One, the vengeance of His temple.”

Jeremiah 51:6, “Flee from the midst of Babylon, and every one save his life! Do not be cut off in her iniquity, for this is the time of Yahweh’s vengeance; He shall recompense her.”

Jeremiah 51:45-46, “My people, go out of the midst of her!

And let everyone deliver himself from the fierce anger of Yahweh.

46 And lest your heart faint,

And you fear for the rumor that will be heard in the land

(A rumor will come one year,

And after that, in another year

A rumor will come,

And violence in the land,

Ruler against ruler),”

Isaiah 48:20, “Go forth from Babylon! Flee from the Chaldeans!

With a voice of singing, declare, proclaim this, utter it to the end of the earth; say, “Yahweh has redeemed His servant Jacob!””

Friends, it is now time to tune into the Holy Spirit of Yahweh. There will be a cry going forth in the Spirit soon, over America, calling Yahweh’s children to come out of Mystery Babylon. Obey what you hear, because you may be called to immediately flee America’s borders. Failure to obey that inner Voice may bring about your premature exodus from this world. It’s time for all Christians to get their Passports in order. You may want to buy only one-way tickets, since there won’t be much to come back to.

We may be rapture fans, but just in case we have to flee America before being raptured, it’s time to make a plan for you and your family. Do some research, there is a segment of the American population now known as the preppies, doomsday preparedness is a high priority for many folks today. There is nothing wrong with being prepared for hard, chaotic times ahead. Just don’t lose your soul trying to protect your dying flesh. Without Yahweh’s blessing and protection, all your efforts to save yourself are useless. America has had a good run down the tracks, but the train wreck is inevitable. You just need to know when to jump off the train, or at what train stop to disembark from the crashing train cars. I make no promises that I will be the one to tell you when to jump, each individual family will have to make that decision for themselves. The sad problem for America is that we will be crashing off the wrong rail line. We switched off the God-fearing moral main-line back in the fifties and sixties and are now headed down the Devil Express line, straight into a dead end desolate wilderness. After the crash, the hostile landscape will be unrecognizable to most Americans. This would be a good time to crank up your prayer life a notch or two.

So, in case you hear the words, “Come out”, or “Go forth”, before you hear the trumpet announcing Yeshua’s return, be sure to follow His Voice. The Devil’s job is to kill you, so it won’t be the Devil calling the remnant out of Mystery Babylon. He would rather you get more slothful and comfortable and ignore Yahweh’s warnings, because it’s easier to kill spiritual dullards, and the Devil is lazy. Wake up, get the Devil’s fairy dust out of your eyes and get ready to follow the Master. Yahweh will have His remnant, but there is no numerical limit on how many that will be. Let it be thee.

Gene Benjamin II

August 9, 2011 CE

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