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Jeremiah 17:9 HRB “The [human] heart [our inmost nature] is deceitful above all things, and it is incurable; who can know it?”

The Hebrew word translated deceitful means sly, insidious or slippery. Wicked means sick, frail, woeful or incurable. Notice, our hearts are not just sick or woeful, they are “desperately” sick and woeful, to the point of being incurable.

Every human on earth has need of a heart transplant. We need Yahweh’s heart, or nature, to replace our sinful fallen nature. This is only possible through Yahshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ. Once you turn your life over to Yahshua, His Holy Spirit comes to live in you to remake you. It’s not an instant make over. It takes a lifetime of micro heart surgeries to cut out the evil in your heart and replace it with Yahweh’s holiness.

This path of heart surgeries begins on the trail of repentance. Every time the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, turn from the sin to Yahshua, ask forgiveness and ask Him to take that sinful attribute out of your heart, and begin again to walk on Yahweh’s path to righteousness. Ask your Heavenly Father to give you His holy righteous nature to replace your sinful self. You’re going to fall off the path of righteousness and sin. Just repent of your sin and get back on Yahweh’s path. The key is to always get back up and keep walking with Yahweh. Let him deal with your sin nature.

If the leaders in America do not repent instantly and turn to Yahweh, through Yahshua HaMashiach, this nation is doomed to destruction, even the double destruction of verse 18. The lowly citizens of America also need to repent and turn to Yahshua, but our leaders either bring us up to Yahweh, or down to hell.

Man is naturally evil, not naturally good. To believe that man is naturally good leads to the foolish, even fatal, foreign policy we see coming out of our federal government today. Our evil nature must be replaced with Yahweh’s holy righteous nature. It’s available to everyone, through the blood of Yahshua, shed on His execution stake almost 2,000 years ago. Yahshua will be returning soon. This is good news for those who know Yahweh and His Son Yahshua Yahweh. This is bad news for those who choose to remain in their sin.

Unless you’ve had your head shoved way up into your hind parts lately, you should be able to tell that the world is about to enter World War III. This is just the beginning of the end times. Here’s a word of a real life possibility from a well-respected prophecy teacher today: 1 Kings 20:22 HRB “And the prophet came to the king of Israel [Binjamin Netanyahu] and said to him, Go, make yourself strong, and look and see what you do; for at the return of the year [Abib 1, Nisan 1, sundown March 30, 2014] the king of Syria [today backed by the Persians of Iran and the Bears of Russia] will come up against you.”

Readers, it’s time to repent and pray for Israel, America, Great Britain, and all the nations of the world. We are on the brink of human annihilation, and we’re not even into the Tribulation yet. Welcome to the end times.

Jeremiah 17:20-25 HRB “And say to them, Hear the Word of Yahweh, kings of Judah, and all Judah, and all the residents of Jerusalem who enter in by these gates. 21So says Yahweh, Take heed for the sake of your lives, and do not carry a burden on the Sabbath day, nor bring it in by the gates of Jerusalem. 22And do not carry a burden from your houses on the Sabbath day, nor do any work, but keep the Sabbath day holy, as I commanded your fathers. 23But they did not obey nor bow down their ear, but they made their neck stiff, not to hear, nor to receive instruction. 24And it shall be, if you carefully listen to me, says Yahweh, to bring in no burden through the gates of this city on the Sabbath day, but keep the Sabbath day holy, to do no work in it, 25even kings and rulers sitting on the throne of David shall enter into the gates of this city, riding on chariots and on horses, they and their rulers, the men of Judah, and those living in Jerusalem. And this city will be inhabited forever.”

Shabbat Shalom,

Gene Benjamin II

March 7, 2014 AD

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