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The First Event


Hi Charles,

I don’t really know how to begin this, but I think you’ll like it if I can spell it out. I’ve been mulling over your new 2300 days theory, and since May 1st is tomorrow, I thought I would take one last look at it. So we agree that 2300 – 1335 = 965 days. You counted backwards from Dec. 21, 2012 965 days and arrived at May 1, 2010. Ok, that’s cool. So I thought I would try 2400 – 1335 = 1065 days, because you stated that some Hebrew manuscripts say 2400 instead of 2300. 1065 days – 965 days = 100 days, that doesn’t seem interesting at all, because I don’t know of anything exciting that happened on January 22, 2010, which is 100 days before May 1. But then I received an email from The Elijah Prayer Army, Lars Enarson, of He had a little blurb in there about a 5-year old boy found alive under a collapsed building “about a week” after the M7.0 Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010. So, if we go from January 12, 2010 to May 1, 2010, we find we have 110 days. 110 days sticks in my memory from working on one of my other spreadsheet timelines. 1075 – 965 = 110 days. 1260 – 1150 = 110 days. December 21, 2012 is the 1075th day of a 1260-day counter (or of a 2520 day, 7-360 day year counter). December 21, 2012 is the 965th day of an 1150 day counter, beginning on May 2, 2010. NOW we’ve got something exciting going on! Why is that exciting? Not reported in the news about that little boy is his story of how he survived the earthquake under a crushed building. He said “a man with a white beard” gave him food and water. The man with the white beard said that the Haiti earthquake was “the first event.” The man with the white beard also said, “I AM coming back soon.” (emphasis mine)

Well, now we should all be getting a little excited!! I couldn’t resist, I had to start another spreadsheet, beginning a numbered days count from January 12, 2010. I need to overlay the Hebrew feasts onto this spreadsheet to see how the feasts play out on this timeline. I’ve just started it today, but if you count 1260 days beginning with Jan. 12, 2010 and 1150 days beginning with May 2, 2010, they both will end on the same day, June 24, 2013, the “middle” of the tribulation period. So maybe the “daily” will be taken away on June 24, 2013, or maybe it will be taken away six months earlier on December 21, 2012. As far as I know now June 24, 2013, is not a feast day and neither is December 21, 2012. It’s gets more exciting, though. If we count 1150 days beginning with May 2, 2010, then count another 1150 days to get the 2300 days, the count ends on August 17, 2016. No big deal, except your 1335 day count that begins on December 22, 2012 (the day after the Mayan calendar ends), also ends on August 17, 2016, but you knew that, because that is where you started, at day 2300!

If nothing else, at least we know that January 12, 2010, may have started a seven-year count and May 2, 2010, could begin an 1150 day count. There are ramifications with the sabbatical cycle with the new information. I may have to adjust my history timeline to match closer with the Jews, oh no!! Watch and pray!!

Gene Benjamin II

April 30, 2010

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