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Rampant Love



Poetry that will follow you through every

tear-drop and every heart beat of your love life!

Rampant Love


If you look up the word rampant in the Webster’s New World Thesaurus you will see an abundance of definitions that I have chosen to use for my writings of this book! You see, love is like having all the varieties of apples that God made all in one barrel! Granny Smiths aren’t my type, but many love the tart-sour, hard, lime-green delicacy. The Gala is nice, sweet, but not too sweet, just tasty enough to keep you chomping on it for the moment. The Golden delicious is my kind of apple – sweet, smiling, bright, and you can eat them forever and ever!

Love is like apples, don’t you think? Sometimes you can have a golden, yellow, bright, cheery, sweet day, then somewhere down the road along comes a Granny Smith, and I just have a hard time getting that one down. Galas are nice any time of the year, and if you are having a down moment, you really would rather have a Gala than a Granny Smith, but you take what you are given! As an old song used to say, you love the one you are with!

Did you go look up rampant in the Webster’s New World Thesaurus yet? Well here is the list of words: raging, uncontrolled, growing without check, violent, vehement, impetuous, rank, turbulent, tumultuous, profuse, plentiful, unruly, wanton, rife, prevalent, dominant, predominant, excessive, impulsive, impassioned, intolerant, unrestrained, extravagant, overabundant, and the last one ends with a good thought – sweeping the country like wildfire!

I’m in my fourth marriage now, this will hopefully be my last. I have been in love a few times, and this book will express all the rhymes and rhythms of all my loves. I find the word rampant covers all of my emotions, my angers, my joys, my cares, my pains, my unforgiveness, my tortures, my lusts, my wantons, my passions, and my desires! I hope you enjoy reading my poems as much as I enjoyed living them.

Marner R. Campbell-Benjamin

About the Author

Marner R. Campbell–Benjamin

Marner Rae grew up in Ocala, Florida, where she graduated from Ocala High School, known today as Forest High School. Marner has always enjoyed writing as far back as grade school. Marner’s first published work was inspired by her 7th grade peers. The booklet was entitled, AS I SEE IT, a collection of poetry on nature, Yahweh, and jingles. An article was published in the News/Sun-Sentinel, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in June, 1985, entitled, Christian Poets Meet to Share Work and Spirit, featuring Marner Rae, by The Christian Poetry Association of America. In 1986, Marner’s work entitled, Jesus Is The Only Way Out, was published in an anthology called: The Christian Poetry Association of America. Marner has recited at churches, parties, weddings, and has appeared on local and national television. In 2002, she appeared on CBS, Channel 11 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on the noon show with other artists celebrating Black History Week.

Marner earned a Psychology degree in Gainesville, Florida, in 1972. Over the years she has worked with the elderly as a Certified Nurses Assistant and enjoys working with Alzheimer’s patients. She recently received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services from Phoenix University. Marner has volunteered her time at the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), teaching classes that educate the public on mental illnesses. She has interned at Family Crisis Services, Inc., located in Canon City, Colorado, where she has volunteered helping women with domestic violence and rape crises in Fremont and Custer counties. Marner is married to Gene Benjamin II and has three grown children and five grandchildren. Her hobbies include internet research, cooking, reading biblically spiritual materials, and writing poetry. Today, Marner and Gene minister over the internet via social media. Here is a link to her youtube channel: Marner's youtube channel In the future she plans to write children’s stories prompted by her first booklet of poems.

A Chance to Love

Please give me a chance to love

Don’t take from me again

You keep putting me through these flip-flop changes

Time and time again – the walls keep crawling to me

Can’t I just face one solid twenty-four hours without this pain?

You knew the reason why we always decided to keep it this way

So we can go on without the world knowing our every move

Please just listen to me once again – I want no more pain – no more pain

Let’s think about what we’re doing to each other so we can change the colors

I’d like some pink in my life, some yellow and some gold

I’d just like to have you love me – all body and soul

So please just give me a chance to love

Don’t take from me again

Oh, or would it be asking too much to want this way

Please just let me love you and take away the pain

I’ll never give this way to another – so stay by my side – don’t hide

Please give me a chance to LOVE – to love you – again!

A Tear For You

Today was a sad Tuesday

A lonely time

Thought about you – you leaving me behind

Clouds soaring across the sky

Sun shining high

You were on my mind

You leaving me behind

Loving you is so magical

Knowing you is rare, unknown

You and I will win

We’re spiritual twins

Yeshua made us into one

A zygote – awesome is He

I’m wondering – why, what, maybe where you’d been

Loving you now is like always

Having you in my world

Fills my day

So this Tuesday I cried a tear for you

Be Still

I used to want everything to rhyme

I used to want everything to move

But now that I’ve received you

I just want everything to be still!

Detailed Love

You’re touching me like my beige bra

But just not tight enough

Why can’t you cling a little closer

Dig a lot deeper

Like a roadside construction man

When they use their earth toys

I’m here for you

To touch, to feel, to kiss, to squeal

Diamond Man

I used to think that we were in love

I used to really know we were

But now I know it was just a convenience

A shelter in the time of a storm

It appears that we will be all alone

We were just like stray cats

Animals that needed a home

Just decided to cling to each other

To keep from being on our own

My stew is churning up a brew

I’m leaving you – I’m seeking someone new

I’m praying for a diamond man

Lover whose love isn’t blind

Diamond man come and set me free

I need love, passion

Some riches for you and me

Someone who will treat me kind

Someone whose love isn’t blind

Please come quickly – angels send him my way

Please send my diamond man – don’t let it wait another day

Diamond man – diamond man – I’ll love you forever

Come now – I will wait for you!


Thinking, blinking of you

Patterns of your kiss warms my soul

Licking, picking you has sizzled my life

How amazing you are

How mystifying is your love

Touching, blushing my eyes over you

Your nakedness soothes my inner spirit

Craving, slaving, you’ll be mine forever

How enraptured we are together

Panting, fainting over the power of you

I’m your queen, you’re my king

Kiss me, miss me every hour, every moment

Whisper you love me now and forever

I’m taken – no mistaken

I’ll love you like Yeshua loves us

Shaking, baking inside of you

Hotter than fried corn fritters

Take me, make me your absolute

Satisfy my desire – I’m on fire

You darling enrapture me!

Frozen Tears

Months of agony

Weeks of pain

Here come those frozen tears again

You said you wanted me

You said I do

Look at what you put me through

Indeed it was a lot of wasted years

Just think – I ended up with

Frozen tears!

God Does Favors

Yes, I did wrong, sinful things

Things that make you cry, fret, sing!

My God, such a friend, such a Man

Who I can call on – grab – hold His hand

It was one of those days, I walked away

Pushed His love aside, didn’t dare pray

I wanted it all my way, I was boss

We sometimes forget the price – the cost!

God IS – the Power, the Prayer, the Chair

He’s reaching out – Teaching out – Reaching out

To love you – hold you – scold you – no doubt

Come! Come abide in His arms

He’ll make you strong – address your wrongs

God – keep loving me – keep correcting my soul

Carry me, comfort me, muzzle me, you’re in control

God you are my ladder to success – you are my Shining Star!

I look for you to pull me out – when I get stuck in the tar

I will keep looking forward to your wonderful, delicious flavors

Master, my Savior, thank you again and again for doing me favors!

Good Byes

You said you’d never leave me

You promised me – you wouldn’t

You’re walking out of my life

Telling me – you didn’t

How could you ever hurt me

Why do you make me cry

You promised – you promised

Oh you lie

Good byes always bring rivers to my eyes!

Happiness with You

Takin’ a moment to find

Happiness with you.

Life’s been grand

Life’s been nuts

Sorrow . . . cheers

The experience of life

Vary day by day

You brought me a heart

For a brand new start

It’s filled now,

You filled it with joy,

It’s filled with you.

But God’s inside so have

No fear.

He’ll uphold ya,

Just like He told ya

By His grace through you,

You gave me strength

To take hold of joy and happiness.

Soothe the pain,

To start again,

Happiness and hope.

Faith in Him

And joy with you

I thank Him today,

That you came my way

No jokes, no tricks

There’s trust with you,

And I take a moment to enjoy

Happiness with you.

Heart Burn

Never knew you would grow to love me

Just knew I loved you so

Like winter comes in spring

To ruin your pretty petunias

Some times I thought I nagged you to death

Only to myself

God told me to hold on

Said your love would start to bloom

And your leaves would start to turn

You’ll begin to kiss me

And my heart will begin to burn

Oh I love you so

My love - never want you to go

Roses you bring me in all seasons

Cause you’re my reason I sing

Heavenly Sent

Roses are red – violets seem blue

I thought it was all impossible till I found you!

Some came into my life – and others they went

None of them, my darling, were heavenly sent!

Ever since I was a little boy – the female impressed my jumbo heart

But, never truly have I wanted to take one all apart

I hope to see my whole life change from a puzzle to a pearl!

I’ve searched and searched till I found you girl!

Carolyn, you’ll be my center and I’ll be your life

And the things that we will do together will be all

Pleasing and suffice

The hardships will come – this I know

But I’ll hold on tighter then – not letting go!

When the rains and the storms come at our door

I know that you will come to me even more!

Wipe the tears from your eyes

Because you won’t cry alone

Besides – God still loves to listen – especially when we are His own!

I love you – I adore you

I thank you for your love!

Sincerely, I know it was a gift sent from above

We will cement our hearts as ONE on this lovely day

We will sing – shout and pray!

I give you my heart and soul as I give you my ring!

We will be as precious vineyard grapes – we will forever cling!

Once my life was all in threads – so totally bent!

I praise God for you – because you are


Written for the bride and groom, my brother Eugene L. Harvey and Carolyn Harvey, his wife, on 1-28-1995.

If You Don’t – Don’t

If you don’t love me

Don’t touch – don’t touch

Although I do want you – so much – so much

But, if you don’t love me

Don’t touch – don’t touch

Although I’m aching for you

So much – so much

I wish you did love me

But if you don’t love me

Don’t touch

Don’t touch

You I do want

I want

I want

But please – if you don’t love me

Don’t – don’t


As I lay here above my husband’s back

I can thank God above

That He made me black!

Let’s Make Love

Lick me like your favorite ice cream cone

Soothing, nicely, baby down to the bone

Love me like your Mercedes Benz

I watch how you wash it

I observe how you wax it

How you touch and shine every interior fixture

Love me gently – love me with your magic mixture

Let’s make love!

Love and Love Some More


There are many times in life that people can really hate. We argue, we fight we fret until it’s too late. That certain person is just sort of in your way. Don’t push them out – please begin to pray. Are you really wondering how you can enter that person’s door, so it can be quite easy if you would love and love some more. Why should I love him after what he’s done to me. He’s abused me, he scorned me, he’s put me down coldly.

Yes we all feel sometimes we are being cheated when we respect our foes. We say we love Jesus, we say we want to go. If we really do we would love, and love some more. Even if they disappoint you, kick you, spit upon your face, don’t hate them. Remember you haven’t been in their place.

Jesus loves us, not for what we are, but for where we’ve been. If you think about it as such, you’ll take this person in. All of us are trying to find the way to love, only he the Father can give it to us pure from above.

Treat your neighbor gentle even when they’re rough. Treat your enemies jovial even if it’s tough. If you want happiness for sure, love. Oh love and love some more, joy will fill your days, peace will fill your soul. Your patience will grow, your tongue will be bold. Love, my friends, love and love some more!

Love Crazy Love

Love left me cold and alone for four years

Love crippled my soul and froze my tears

Love had me sleeping – sleepless to no avail

Love stopped my communications - paused my mail

Love had me angry never wanting to love again

Love brought me grief, sorrow and torturous pain

Love had me so low with no reason to live

Love tracked down my memories once again

Love made me hate

Love caused me to sin

Love always visiting my heart

Persuading me to make a new start

Love once again has brought me relief

Love came and visited and turned back the leaf

Love, love, crazy love – brought me a man

A kind cheery soul named Gene Benjamin

Oh love that crazy love

What will I ever do without it

Love oh love, you captured me once again - I can’t quit

Love oh my love never leave me

You have eased my life

Love, love has made me your wife

Yeshua is good

Psalms 107:8 says, “Oh that men would praise the Lord for his

goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men.”

Love for Keeps

Your touch thrills my every nerve outlet

My body shivers and becomes red upset

You reach beyond my wildest dreams

Sweetness, I come apart at the seams

Your touch – your kiss brings me to my utmost high

Then it comes – seeps me to the sky

Darling it seeps me – seeps me

You alone fit my key

It’s you that seeps me

Your love boils over my tea kettle

Mess with me baby – mettle, mettle

Put your hands all over me

You alone fit my key

Feel me, tickle me, lick me well

Let my toy ooze and swell

I know it’s you I love

No one else can be

Be where you are and turn the key

So hold me close forever in my sleep

Let us love forever, eternally,

It’s love for keeps!

Loving Me Like You Mean It


Really wonder how you truly feel

Was it for convenience that caused you to marry me

You had been single for quite some time

Playing your bachelor games

Kissing me didn’t seem to say much

You would rather eat eggs than wet my lips

You so adventurous climbing hills riding hills

Camping out spinning out

Every time I want to go down on you, you push me away

Never begging me to do more – stay

What did I do – the weather changes – somehow the dew’s wet

Seems lately you’re loving me like you mean it

Did our prayers reach heaven

You’ve gotten over your past love

Did an angel tell you that I needed your love

Needed you to open up to me – giving all – not holding back

Giving to me like the waves flow to the sea

Roughly pushing higher than before

You know like gas gushing through a carburetor

Bringing the heat along with it

Oh baby, loving you is all I want to do – giving you my whole world

The one God gave me for you

It’s so good to know you, desire you

Because something is telling me deep inside

You’re loving me like you mean it

Loving You

Loving you is wonderful

Touching you is sweet

Kissing you causes butterflies

To run down to my feet

Holding you is definitely essential

It’s a basic need

Reminding me I’m the weaker sex

Only women bleed

You’re my lifeline, my heavenly concord

No other could ever wear your face

You’re my lover – you are first place!

Moments Seconds Minutes Away


Never thought I’d have you

Sleeping so close to me

Beautiful as it may seem

I finally got you after all

Met you long long ago

And deep down consciously

I knew you were a good man

Warm, honest and gentle

Willing to understand

Play me some music

Dance with me forever

Moments, seconds, minutes, hours

Days, weeks, months, years

God has given us to be together

Wow I love you

Just think my darling

You’re moments, seconds, minutes away

Yes when you’re close to me

You’re moments, seconds, minutes away

You’re my love

My Beloved

My beloved comes to meet me in the night

In the middle of dawn he creeps to me

He kisses me sweetly with his tongue

He whispers my name and hums me a song

He desires my fire

He stirs my pot

My beloved never makes me sad

He smiles and laughs with his imagination

My beloved soars high as he rides my saddle

I would be heartbroken without him by my side

My beloved energizes my whole complete being

What refreshing he sends my way

Yeshua surely does love me to give me my beloved

I praise heaven day and night for my beloved

Come beloved – kiss and stroke me once again

My Desire

My nipples sizzle for you to come close

My lips just tremble for a wet toast

My body feels like a volcano crust

My heart pounds like a missile’s thrust

Hold me – saturate me with your love trips

Kiss me all over – kiss my lips

Pack me good like you would a burning fire

It’s you – it’s you

You are my desire!

My Search is Over

I had been looking for something – for someone

To love, to hold, to need

Laughter is good for the soul – like hair is good on the scalp

My love didn’t know he would find me – I didn’t know I would find him

So long I had looked – and I did not find

So long – many summers went out of my mind

Thank you God for such a wonderful experience

I praise God for such a unique creation

Loving me inside out – loving me outside in

Oh – my lover – where have you been hiding?

Dirt sleeps inside my window sills

Clothes creep outside my closets

Nothing was in order for many years

The sun is shining inside my head

I’m not afraid – I’m not afraid

My life has arisen from the dead

So long I looked for you – couldn’t find – did not find

Now that you are here – you’re sizzling my mind

Thank you Lord – is all I seem to say

Thank you for such a happy day

Tears are running from my soul

All I want to do is hold you

I have been looking for someone – not just anyone

Someone like you – you took so long to find me

Thank God that He knew us before we knew ourselves

God bless our love!

Our Great Love

Darling you have blown my mind

Now that we have both unwound

All that I thought that you could be

You’re more and I’m deeper than the darkest sea

Deep into your mind – stuck between your soul

Every time I see you I want to lose control

You are so sweet and ripe for me

Sweetness, you’re my key

Loving you has filled my spirit

How would I live without it?

Come dance with me for eternity

All of my love is for you exclusively

Tickle me, kiss me now, make me wet

Tell me loving me – you won’t regret

You are all I want and all I need

Keep my blood pumping – don’t let me bleed

You are such a beautiful man

Forever – darling, for you, I’ll stand

Storms will come and winds will blow

But nothing will stop our love glow

You love me – you really do

Honey, thank you – I love you too

So amazingly – I knew you before now

Me and you sleep on the same ground floor

God is great and God is good!

He did it again like I knew He would!

God bless our great love

Loving you now and forever

Paint Me

Last night I had this bad sad dream

I was trembling – came apart at the seam

I was in this big Victorian house

It contained this big dead mouse

I was like the mouse inside that house

It was awful sad – I turned wickedly bad

You see, all I ever wanted was for someone

To listen to me

So I can recapture myself

And be set free

No one had the time

So many times I wanted to tell you I love you

But it seemed you would always shove me

You were always too busy, always too tired

I could see it in your eyes

You always lied

I only wanted a personal touch

Like the Victorian house

Needed painting so much

Just needed you to brush my hurt away

To take my stains away

Through all this I could never say

Don’t let this dream come true

Paint me, hold me, kiss me

Just love me like I’ve always loved you

People kept coming to see how beautiful the Victorian house was

They marched up its steps and down

They walked across the dark wood floors

They loved how the big rooms echoed sound

Parties were given throughout the year

Christmases would come and go

The banisters were never shined or dusted

The carpets were never clean

The house just needed a personal touch

It needed love so much

The roof would start to leak

When the rains began to pour

The paint began to peel

Off the exterior and the door

Mom, this house is just like me

It’s crying out so much

I want to be loved

Want to be loved by you so much

Don’t send me no more to Camp David

Or to Grandpa’s farm

I’m crying out, I’m losing paint

I just want you to paint me!


It’s you that I’ve needed

So many times before

It’s you that I’ve wanted

So many times before

And now it’s you

And now it’s you

And now it’s you

Making my heart


Instead of blue!


The moon is shining

A lustrous glow

Aha – right through the dirty, sweaty window pane

Red candlelight melts oozingly slow on the book mantle

The satin blue sheets are laughing, smiling, and singing

At the same time

The pillows decide to join in and chorus along

Your kisses are causing red and white cells in my body to illuminate

Loving you is all I want to do – through and through

Eat me all over

Don’t hold back

You are my web

Keep right on roaming

The moon is eclipsing

It can’t stand to peep at us any longer

Keep surfing – keep roaming

Shadowed Memories

June 23, 2000

I was three maybe four months old

When you may have picked me up

Mama said you changed my diaper once

Once when she poured black coffee in your cup

It was a long time ago

I vaguely knew your rich, hoarse Lou Rawls speaking voice

I was just beginning to warm up to your shiny brass grin

Mama said you went away on a long, long trip

She said you may be back when you had enough money

To pay the bills

As I grew older, I looked for you – but you never came

And the ghosts in my heart felt the same

It scared me to think about you – never around

All that time I kept looking down

Wondering, wishing, hoping, cussing God – why can’t I have a

Daddy like everybody else?

Nobody to play football with – nobody to talk to about Man to Man

Things like Harry’s Dad down the street –

They fish, hunt, go camping, buy shoes together, sometimes they even

spit together

Talking, laughing, playing, praying, asking silly questions like

Why girls like to wear high heels and red lipstick?

Yes – I wish I had a Daddy – I bet it would be real fun

Only if you would just call me sometime –

It would be like talking to Tiger Woods – and to me you would seem

So famous – so rich – I would be so happy to see your brass grin again

Daddy – please – just let me hear your Lou Rawls voice one more time –

I’ll be good – and I won’t scream like I did when I was just a baby

I promise – I’ll try to be a good boy – and a good son

If you would just come home one more time – I could make everything alright

There are shadows on my wall, big blank, muddy puddles in my back

Yard and it can snow, it can rain, even when it’s hot, the puddles still remain the same-

If you aren’t dead – I really want you to write me – but calling would

Be even better – I turned 15 yesterday – Mama tries really hard

But I am missing my daddy – and it’s been too long – I don’t know

How much longer I can go on

The memories won’t fade away – and I just want to hear you say

You love me

That you wanted me – and things really weren’t that bad – cause I

Was all you had

Why did you let me go? Didn’t you know I would need a man in my life

How can I teach my kids – how can I have a wife? How can I live

My life? No matter what – I will always have shadows filling my

Tank – Nothing can take the place of a Dad – Every time I go to

Church with Mom – I am praying for the Dad I never had –

I am living on my shadowy memories –


The days have gone and left us with a memorial death

The times we knew each other’s face

Crumbs left behind from another place

We thought it would always last

Now we have traces of our past

You are with you and I’m with me

Traces of a memorial death

True Love

Love me, love me

Make it right

Don’t stop till the break of light

Let me suck you

Slow – never letting go

Oooh – the sweetness of true love!

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