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A Time To Be Born

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

A Time to Be Born

Marner Campbell-Benjamin

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved


A Time To Be Born is dedicated firstly, to

Ann Marie Banks, my deceased 7th grade teacher who inspired me to write all through grade school. I give this book to my children: Delana, Celeste, Joseph Jr., and Devin, my grandson, whose name means poet.

My arms reach out to my mother, Doreatha Harvey, who is a minister, educator, grandmother and great-grandmother!

Remembering my father, Eugene L. Harvey, who was an evangelist, educator and poet. I chap for my brother “Geno” who always protected me from strange guys while I was growing up, his wife Carolyn who is a faithful friend, the sistah I never had. Candidly, I thank Deborah Skinner for being beside me through many financial and emotional storms. Robert Campbell, I give my late husband, friend and mediator my love, who took the time to inspire me along the way. Last, but not least, I thank God my Maker and Creator, who carried me through hurricanes, tempests, valleys, and showed me the way to the mountain top.

I thank Him; I praise Him for all that He has done in my life, because without Him, I CAN DO NOTHING!

Blessings to my nephew, Starbuck, and niece, Colonda and all the many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends that have encouraged me to—NEVER GIVE UP!



All of my life I have wondered about the universe and its powers. I remember days when I wanted a dime to buy ice cream, I probably could have asked my mom for a dime, but I dared to ask the universe!

A few of those days I could see whole dollars floating onto the fresh cut lawn, out of nowhere! I hope that you have experienced a teeny bit of this magical experience.

People amaze me, all their different nose sizes, teeth shapes, rugged hands, soft hands, acoustic ears, wide eyes, beady eyes, and then there is color oh, what talent my God has! Hues of gray, olive skin is what my biology teacher once said; red is my favorite color along with yellow, then white goes along with everything!

Black is a power color which stands for everything and more; rhythm, boldness, fearless, no fear would be more like it, but I don’t want to forget the nice chocolates; there are so many nice chocolate flavors of people perfecto! This book isn’t about color, but it affects us all! God is no respecter of colors, He created us all. My God loves variety! How dull this life would be without this great artist!

I’ve tested so many religions: Baptist, Methodist, Jehovah’s Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists, Church of God in Christ, Non-denominational, Church of Latter-day Saints (Mormon), Pentecostal, served at a Jewish Passover, and last but not least, a Jesus-freak at age 19. I’ve been frustrated and loved by them all, but I’ve known a universal God! One whose power belongs to all humans. A Time to be Born was written through all my experiences, through all my disappointments, through all my trials. Life is beautiful, even though we all take it for granted at times.

In this life it gives me great, triple, supercharged energies to share my soul with you! Let’s explore life, let’s give some of ourselves back to this prolific, grandeur Universe! The Force, the power of God, loves you. Reach out to Him! Experience this magical, mystical MOVEMENT!

You are here, PEOPLE, to find out who you are! You are a very powerful ray that extends from our Creator and His allies of this Universe, the whole World!

Why DIE when you can FLY!! There’s A Time To Be Born!!


About the Author

Marner R. Campbell–Benjamin

Marner Rae Harvey grew up in Ocala, Florida where she graduated from Ocala High School, known today as Forest High School. Marner has always enjoyed writing as far back as grade school. Marner’s first published work was inspired by her 7th grade peers. The booklet was entitled, AS I SEE IT, a collection of poetry on nature, God, and jingles. An article was published in the News/Sun-Sentinel, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in June, 1985, entitled, Christian Poets Meet to Share Work and Spirit, featuring Marner Rae, by The Christian Poetry Association of America. In 1986, Marner’s work entitled, Jesus Is The Only Way Out, was published in an anthology called: The Christian Poetry Association of America. Marner has recited at churches, parties, weddings, and has appeared on local and national television. In 2002, she appeared on CBS, Channel 11 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on the noon show with other artists celebrating Black History Week.

Marner earned a Psychology degree in Gainesville, Florida, in 1972. Over the years she has worked with the elderly as a Certified Nurses Assistant and enjoys working with Alzheimer’s patients. She recently received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services from Phoenix University. Marner has volunteered her time at National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), teaching classes that educate the public on mental illnesses. She has interned at Family Crisis Services, Inc., located in Canon City, Colorado, where she has volunteered helping women with domestic violence and rape crises in Fremont and Custer counties. Marner is married to Gene Benjamin II and has three grown children and four grandchildren. Her hobbies include internet research, cooking, reading biblically spiritual materials, and writing poetry. In the future she plans to write children’s stories prompted by her first booklet of poems. Her next book will consist of love creations.


Part I

Inspiration A Time To Be Born

Sometimes life is full of tears and it’s full of woes,

It can be so demanding till it clinches your toes.

Be thankful for the heartaches, be gracious when you mourn

Don’t give up, there’s a time to be born!

The weather can fall below freezing, the temperature can soar real hot,

Your pillows can get soaked wet but thank Him for what you got.

You may find yourself needing many more kernels on your corn

But still keep pushing, there’s a time to be born.

Look up to the heavens call upon this Man,

Give it to the Son that really understands.

When the moments come when you’re tattered and torn,

Thank God for Jesus, there’s a time to be born!

An a.m. Prayer

Don’t let the morning pass by you,

Don’t let the dew meet your shoe.

Please say something to the Master…

Say something to the Master. Say something to the Master,

He might say something to you!

Don’t forget to say our Father help me through this day,

People are really crazy when Satan is leading their way.

Don’t forget to understand that whatever we may do

That God gives us the strength and while we are traveling

We need His Holy length,

Don’t ever let the morning pass by you.

Don’t let the dew meet your shoe,

Say something to the Master, say something to the Master,

Hey, Say something to the Master, say something to the master,

He will say something to you!

Knowing The Time

We can walk among the streets and crime will snatch us from our feet. I am sure by now you know everything that looks like honey – isn’t sweet.

The world is in a terrible endeavor even the planets, sea and earth quiver. These troubles must all come to pass, thank God and Jesus they will not last.

We just have to make a sudden stop straighten out our lives, be sincere with God if we want to reach the top.

All the races are at war and wars have been going on for years. Inflation, depression, suicides and days of endless fears.

We are a special people way down from Abraham’s seed. Don’t dump yourself just because the circumstances bleed.

Just because some people seem to have everything. Just because you’re tired and fed up and Satan down here is king.

Don’t you give up. Just get yourself right with God, because when it comes right down to it God owns the Master Rod.

So what about all the riches? Big deal about all the gold. Because not one little penny could ever buy a soul.

Jesus says, “I am the way the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father except by me.”

Now man may try other methods, but Jesus owns the key.

So wise up and shape up, get your Bibles out study God’s word. Tell it on the mountains, make sure it gets heard.

As long as we stay grounded upon this sickly earth there are going to be hard, hard times for you and I and all who give birth.

So until the oceans cease and every living thing is grieved, is our salvation nearer than we first believed?

The earth may shake, the sun may bake and all the planets stay lined up, but church I pray with you that we all continue to drink from Jesus’ cup.

What Am I Gonna Do?

As I see prophecies coming through the world is really all mixed up. Oh like the Bible says real corrupt. The Pope has had a real field day kissing the ground before he pray.

Boy, what am I going to do?

As I see prophecies coming through, 1 Thessalonians 5:3 talks about what’ll happen when they make peace, yes the Bible says it will be rapid and all the things will cease.

The earth will reel and then it will rock as we continue to evolve around the clock. My knees sometimes knock when I vision it. The evil masses playing the Devil’s pit.

What am I gonna do?

Now that the prophecies coming through Daniel say that the vision of the Ram and He goat is at the end. As you read Daniel 8:17, you can see where we’ve been. The dreadful beast power would think to change times and laws (Daniel 7:25) but my Savior won’t allow him to trample with his paws. The new law will bring about an economic crisis (Rev. 13:17) as Satan uses and brings out all his devices.

Whew, what am I gonna do?

As I see the prophecies coming through there will be wars, rumors or wars, famines, pestilence and earthquakes (Matt. 24) Oh I read somewhere that winters will seem like summers, the sun will bake. I just feel like giving God great adoration, praises, adoration, adoration. Yes like now pleading for forgiveness of sins before the close probation. Soon and very soon Heaven will bring rewards and collect what is His own (Rev. 22:12) all things will be moved and every knee will bow before the cornerstone. Friends and earth what are you gonna do as you see the prophecies coming through?

When should we prepare to meet Christ? II Cor. 6:2, says now is the time of salvation study to show ourselves approved, knowing all of Daniel and the book of Revelation so you may wonder, Who is God’s church? Are all of them the same? Matthew 18:20 states, where two or three are gathered in my name. Famine will come, not only for bread, but for the hearing of God’s word (Ammos 8:11 & 12) wake up. Keep his Commandments; it’s time for present truth to be heard. I know what I’m gonna do, now that the prophecies are coming though.

A Higher High

(Two teenage girls are having a conversation)

“Child that was good sermon today, did you hear what he say, what he say?

I just don’t have the talent; I could never say those things.

I could never really witness or tell others about Jesus,

No, but I can sing.

To each his own I reckon, but tell others NO WAY!

Boy, he was on FIRE when he preached today.

“He acted like Paul when stood before the King, he was so confident, having no shame

And he had the nerve to tell us God wasn’t pleased,

And we needed much prayer and fasting and staying on our knees.”

Girl how would it really feel to have FIRE in your chest?

Never hardly fearing, but giving God your best.

I read my Bible some of the time, especially when I’m scared and don’t own a dime.

But I wonder why others seem to have a ball of fire,

And it appears God is their only desire.

Don’t Miss Out

The people are so afraid of what is hovering over their heads, they go out from day to day and they see happenings on their way:

People dying from the liquor instilled in their souls,

People dead from wounds of bullet shot holes.

Cars crash into you from some unsettled mind,

The faithful ones in shock, they don’t call the divine.

People, we seem so afraid, of what is hovering over our heads,

The sun still shines no matter what troubles exist

The moon still shows at night and takes the risk.

Jesus made us to shine,

Jesus didn’t make us to always whine.

We shake and shudder when things come into our path,

I fear no evil although I walk through the shadow of death.

The Lord says woe to those that try to save themselves!

We have a job, a job to do

The people outside suffer from lack of truth.

Sit Down


Who’s there?

Who me? I’m the Holy Ghost. I’ve come to be your host.

Sit down my child let me talk with you a while.

 Now my angels tell me, you’re pretty dead. Lately, you don’t use your head. You don’t read the word like you used too; you’re sipping again on Mr. Who.

Now look my time isn’t long and Satan is getting kind of strong.

But look, don’t you listen to the evil one

Because he’s laughing all the time you’re having fun.

This world will end with a reel and a rock then I won’t be able to say knock-knock.

So please sit down a while, listen to me my child.

The storm is brewing in the sea, so son, you better grab a knee.

Bow down to the almighty God because he is the Master Road.

Stop this nonsense and straighten up.

Remember to drink from Jesus’ Cup. Put this booze and smoke away.

Wake up, sleep down, always pray.

Now remember at times when you are weak and low and Satan tells you where to go.

Remember I’m the Holy Ghost and I love being your host.

Sit down my child listen for a while.

By now I hope you understand why I had to take a stand.

You were really going out the door.

If you did, I couldn’t do more.

The Holy Ghost won’t force anyone but leads them always to the Son.

Now that you have another chance I hope, you’ll turn to the Holy dance.

Now remember what I’m telling you my friend

Flee from the Devil, Flee from sin.

Sit down, sit down my child. You must stop growing wild.

The angels take down all you do, please walk in the Jesus shoe.

Yes, Yes, I’m the Holy Ghost I love being your host.

So use me each and every day I just love it when you pray.

So child, now you can get on up I know you’re glad when I interrupt.

The Tree

(Two Young Men Meet In Conversation)

Hey, what’s happening Brother, what ya doing under this tree, with the Holy Book in the midst of thee?

I know you don’t believe what the good book say all that jive about Jesus being the way.

 Look at the world which we live in, people with cocaine, robbing banks, killing men.

Satan is the one who’s cool, this Jesus is a fool. The Bible says he made this place, the people giggled and spit in his face. Lucifer is a tough dude, He wouldn’t take none of that, he would beat them up and kick them where they sat. Man you better live it up, enjoy your life, be hip.

I’m telling you, there’s nothing to this Jesus trip. My mother, my Aunt used to read that jive, now they’re dead, not even alive.

Who wants a man who can’t protect and save his own. All I need is this cocaine when I want to get stoned. Going to church wearing a tie and a suit, this is what it takes to look really cute. No, no, Jesus ain’t for me my man.

 Even if I somehow sorta understand. I need a job so I can buy some wheels. I need money so my girl friend can cook my meals. Look, didn’t mean to interrupt, just telling you how I feels. Now, do you and your Jesus have better deals?

Yea, my friend, you’ve got it wrong. It’s a good thing you come along. You know Satan can fool your mind. He loves to see the blind leading the blind. But Satan’s time is running out. So let me tell you what it’s about. Satan’s got everybody today doing their thing, so they won’t have time for the King. You said yourself he made this place, so why can’t He solve your case?

Things are all in control of God, but Lucifer surely will make it hard. Think about how this three was planted, the sun, the stars, life we take for granted. Satan came to destroy and kill, but Jesus is the freedom pill.

 Sin is what causes death, crime and all the rest. But Jesus, He loves you, remember HE passed the test. You need to really accept HIM, be Born Again!!

That is, admit you’re a failure. He’ll free you of sin Brother. I’m young like you, I know how you must hurt. Satan hates us all, he loves to give us dirt. He pretends to love you just to make you his fool.

But we’re much happier when we obey God’s rules. Hey man, what’s the use, I’m a survivor, but why do it the hard way when Jesus is the reviver.

Just pray this prayer with me, say, just you and me, this tree? And let Jesus listen, and he’ll set you free! Father in the name of Jesus we come to you asking you to forgive John’s sin. Accept him Lord make him yours. Lead him with your Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen. Amen. Hey Jesus is all right.

He said the truth will set you free. Hey thanks man, thanks for being under this tree.

Selfish Ways

Cure my selfish ways Lord, I know that I am wrong, but I do know that you can make me strong.

Teach me to give and take and turn the other cheek.

Help me grow faithful, help me to be meek,

So please take all the scales off me so I can learn to share.

I desire to be loving and to always care

So clean my fins and gills out good so I can really swim.

Teach me Heavenly Father to really swim like Him.

Now I know I’m happy I have some joyful days,

Oh thank you, Heavenly Father for curing my selfish ways.

God, I Do Want You

It appears that my heart is changed and I’m turning day by day,

But please try and understand me.

Listen to what I have to say, I need you to still guide me.

Please stay, stay beside me, GOD I do want YOU.

Understand life has been hard. Oh yeah, it’s been rough

And these days are here where I’ve had enough

Can’t buy this – can’t buy that, can’t have a place to sit my sat,

GOD I do want YOU!

These folks that are running the country are all screwed up.

They don’t care about your holy sup.

Oh Lord, why is this happening to me, just because I want more,

I just want to be free.

GOD I do want YOU.

I remember those days when you would send angels my way.

I remember real well you taught me to pray.

Days, when I could have been dead, if I hadn’t heard what you said.

Oh GOD, I do want YOU!

You took me when I was just a child. You made me special when life was wild

When trouble came and hassled me you were there with the golden key.

Oh yes, GOD I do want YOU!

Now that I’m growing and still have pain, I have to now and then look back again.

When you first grabbed me and kissed my soul, took my sins away and gave me control.

I could never forget you NO WAY. I’ll need you forever, as I do today.


The Rising Son

I see many people as I walk on by

Some look sort of happy – some want to cry

I look up to the God above, I thank him for his outpouring love!

I know that He will surely come – but the people, they won’t come

They think and they worry, some pray all day – they don’t ever seem to say

I can do it – I can make it! All they do is just, fake it!

Satan, he could care less about all the men that he has brought to death

As times ride along as they go

Never asking why? what? so. . .

We can really be ourselves through God – we can be a mighty, flighty powerful rod!

God is the One on the throne

No, no people we aren’t all alone

Because He’s the one man that has set us free

Yes, He died for all humanity

Oh, I smile and often grin because I feel His love deep within

I think of all the things He’s done for me

Oh, let me tell you how it can be with you loving God – God loving thee

As we walk among the earth

As we stand upon this crust

We walk and look above the sky

Surely, you must know

He died upon a tree

I know he didn’t forget thee

Jesus loves you with a love that no one else can possess

Jesus loves you with a love – no one else has passed the test

Christ – He died for you and me

Christ – He died for all humanity

Oh, the man – he loves us so

Oh, aren’t you raging to go?

Go to the place where there is no more scare

Go to a place where nobody knocks you down and enters in

Slur you nastily and say they’re going to kill you then

God’s the Mighty, Mighty One

To you – to you – to you I bring

I love the man

He lives in my mind – I know that He is awfully kind

If we could only just let Him be

Let Him live in our humanity

God, Yes, He’s the Rising Son


So just accept this man I know

Let Him live beyond your foes

Just let Him rise upon your bed

Let Him say “Oh child please stay!”

Satan thinks this world belongs to him

But God has made, oh – ALL THINGS!

And God goes to prepare a place


Things Aren’t Bad

Are you feeling down-hearted and aggravated?

Have you been having triple tribulations?

Don’t you know, things aren’t bad

Unless you never had Jesus

The psalmist used to write his songs,

Stay up all day and all night long.

But he often said to himself

Things aren’t bad unless you never had Jesus.

Your bills are piling up real fast,

How long Lord will these things last?

Hey, things aren’t bad unless you never had Jesus.

The world is on a motor boat,

It’s riding along without taking note.

That things aren’t bad unless you never had Jesus

So smile and relax and share some fun,

Call a friend and give away some sun.

Because honestly things aren’t bad unless you never had Jesus.

No, Not One

(Inspired by Luke 18:18-19; John 8:7; 1 Samuel 2:2)

Maybe you don’t gamble

Or light no kind of smokes

Or go to X-rated movies

Or tell no dirty jokes

Maybe you don’t steal or

Never killed a soul

Don’t drink no liquor

Don’t lose your self-control

Or maybe even – you’ve never told a lie

Never once slept with somebody else’s guy

We all would love to live – I guess – a perfect life

Putting away all hatred, all anger, all strife

It’s funny how we all point our fingers to our neighbors

When we criticize them – we say we’re doing them favors

One time some persons called my Jesus “good” – not meaning to bother

Jesus interrupted and said no one is good – except for the Father

So next time we decide that we’ve been really good

Don’t forget to give the credit to whom we know – we should

Now there are some of us that have grown a lot more than others

But this doesn’t give us permission to put down our brothers

Let’s just thank the Lord for all that he has done

Forever praising Him for sending us his Son

Let us pray for ourselves that we grow closer to Christ

Please if you can try to remember this advice

Our lips can kill a person quicker than any gun

Remember we all are sinners – no, not one

Oh, I love Jesus – He’s the Holy One

Even though he was without blemish

Still he said – no, not one!

Yes, the Master knows – all the places you have been

So stop your struggling with your sin

Thank Him people again and again for what He’s done

Remember we all bleed – No, NOT ONE!

I’m For Hire

Child, my grandma used to say “You must give your all-in-all,

You must keep climbing, or you will fall.”

I know I have my little mistakes and sometimes I lie and sometimes I fake.

But girl, don’t you want a higher high? Don’t you want to reach the sky?

I think the preacher was maybe right, let us both ask the Lord tonight.

God you know, is no respecter of persons.

He wants us all to go, but it’s left up to us to open up his door.

It’s left up to us to tell Him what we want and if we don’t, I guess He won’t.

You know girl, that’s fair enough, God is allright, He isn’t too tough!

Hey, where are you going?

I’m going home and tell the King,

I’m for hire; I’m tired of living off somebody else’s fire.

Amen, Amen.