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Our Daily Drink – 9-05-10


In my last post, we investigated what we are learning about the significance of 40 days, 40 years, and 40 Jubilees. We will continue with that theme and talk about what was revealed to me within this last week. I read through the book by Franklin Paine, Miracle of Time, from his daughter’s website at A fascinating work, basing his biblical chronology on lunations of the moon, or 354 day Hebrew or biblical years. I read his book in one night and the next day built another 6,000-line spreadsheet of his chronology. Don’t ask me how I do that, but when the anointing is on me, it just flows. What I learned, or re-learned, I should say, is that 40 Jubilee Cycles make up 1,960 years, but tucked inside of those 40 49-year cycles is the actual Jubilee years themselves. So in Yahweh’s reckoning, you must add 1,960 years plus 40 Jubilee years, which equal 2,000 years, or two days, in what I call Kingdom Time. Charles Wheeling and 7th Day Adventists call this Sanctuary time. Dr. Stephen E. Jones calls it legal time. It’s Yahweh’s time scale, or calendar.

That’s great to know, but what is it we’re discovering about our focus on forty? Well, I just watched one of Mr. Wheeling’s old prophecy seminar DVDs again. In it he mentioned he thought that the Persian Gulf War may have been the start of the final seven year countdown, or the fulfillment of Daniel 8:1-8, received by Daniel in 548 BCE. Since we didn’t topple Saddam Hussein or his government in that war, Charles may have changed his mind about that being the triggering event in Daniel’s vision. After what I’ve been learning, we may want to rethink that war again.

Iraq invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990 CE, which led to the Persian Gulf War in January and February, 1991. America called this little war Operation Desert Storm. I believe it was a triggering event, triggering the final 40 years of extended grace in the wilderness with the apostate church. All you have to do is look at the Church today and see the corpses of churches scattered all over the desert of Christianity. Let me explain as best I can. Yeshua was crucified, buried, resurrected, and ascended to heaven in 30 CE. Forty Jubilee Cycles later, or 1,960 solar years later, brings us to 1990 CE. On my spreadsheets, I state that the church age is over in 1990 CE. Inside those 40 Jubilee Cycles are 40 Jubilee years, so we add 1,960 + 40 Jubilees = 2,000 years in Kingdom Time. Folks, the two days since Messiah’s resurrection are OVER! Yahweh sees and reckons that 2,000 years have elapsed on His calendar system, back in 1990 CE! We should have been raptured by now, right? Yeshua should have returned by now, don’t you think? Isn’t Hosea’s prophecy ever going to come to pass? Hosea 6:2, “After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight.” Wow, Yahweh has promised to complete all His promises, and they must be fulfilled in the third day, the 7th millennium of human history. Notice that Hosea makes it very clear that it will be “AFTER” two days (2,000 years of Kingdom Time). Those 2,000 years have come and gone folks, we are now twenty years into the 40 years of extended grace transition phase of end-time prophecy.

Daniel 8:2-8 will be fulfilled to the letter, we just thought it would happen all at once, but it is apparently being stretched out over much of this 40-years of extended grace transition phase at the time of the end. The Iraq war is now officially over on August 31, 2010 CE, and we did topple Saddam Hussein in the war this time, thus fulfilling another portion of Daniel’s vision, verse 7, “And I saw him confronting the ram; he was moved with rage against him, attacked the ram, and broke his two horns (only one, Sadam Hussein, has been broken as of this writing). There was no power in the ram to withstand him, but he cast him down to the ground and trampled him; and there was no one that could deliver the ram from his hand.” Notice that this war, which we called Operation Iraqi Freedom, lasted almost exactly seven years. That’s about as prophetic as it gets people. So we have taken down one of the ram’s horns, but now we need to go after the higher horn which came up last, Ahmadinejad, Iran, Persia (verse 3). We are poised to do it. So what are we waiting for? The King’s timing, of course. Daniel’s vision will be completely fulfilled. Islam is still in their fasting month of Ramadan. The party may be over on September 9, when Islam begins its next lunar month. Watch world events between sundown September 8, when the Jews celebrate Yom Teruah, Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashana, and September 11, when the Muslims will celebrate 9/11. Just like Iraq in 1990, Iran will do something to tick off the Western allies again, so we will attack and smash Iran to the ground. Daniel saw it happen in real spiritual vision 2,557 years ago, hopefully we will live to see it happen in real (super)natural time, live via satellite. And think of it this way, a three-phase stamping of the Ram of Islam. Phase I in 1990 – 1991. Phase II from 2003 – 2010. Phase III from .. – .. Does Yahweh do prophetic things in threes? Hmm. A three-phase siege against the Ram of Islam is a very biblical pattern. Check it out for yourself.

We’ve made it through 20 years of the last 40 years of extended grace in fulfilling the wilderness typology. We will see Judgment Day in 20 years or less. Yahweh has virtually guaranteed it. We are in the middle of a Scriptural pattern that is playing itself out in real life fulfillment in these last days. We are already deep into the seventh millennium: the common era year 2010 CE is the year 6034 on my Ezekiel spreadsheet timeline, the year 6056 on Philip Mauro’s timeline, the year 6084 on Franklin Paine’s timeline. This year should be about 6010 on Michael Rood’s timeline. Make no mistake, any way we look at it, we are overdue for Judgment Day. 2 Peter 3:9, “Yahweh is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” Ask our loving heavenly Father to help us be longsuffering too, but please wrap this human mystery up and let’s get on with everlasting life, the olam, the vanishing point. We must get to the resurrection, our born again experience, to an immortal life. That’s when the Kingdom marriage supper of the King really begins. Who’s ready to offer the toast of wine and unleavened bread at that meal? Who will get the glory for fulfilling all of His promises up to that vanishing point in time? All praise, glory, power, and authority to Yeshua, our King of kings and Master of lords! Even so, come Lord Yeshua.

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A few other points of interest, I continue to update my spreadsheets and am now trying to keep up two (or three) complete versions, not easy. The other day, while studying through Franklin Paine’s work, he was writing about biblical numbers, a fascinating study unto itself. Anyway, he noted a total, 2,601. That number looked really familiar, so I went back to my Ezekiel based spreadsheet, now version 3.5, and sure enough, there is exactly 2,601 years from the thirtieth year of Ezekiel 1:1, to 2009 CE when I discovered that it was the thirtieth year of a Jubilee cycle! Well, 17 X 153 = 2,601. 17 is the number of the resurrection of Messiah, He was raised at the end of Sabbath, just before sundown Saturday, the 17th day of the first month in 30 CE, and of course 153 is the number of the fish caught in “the net”, after His resurrection! Ezekiel’s thirtieth year was also the 30th year of the 17th Jubilee Cycle from the crossing of the Jordan River by Joshua and the children of Israel! Needless to say, I got excited all over again! Thank you Yeshua, that I am on the right path to understanding. It’s a good thing to get reassurance from your Master once in awhile.

Charles Wheeling ( sent out a news brief the other day. I went to the linked article and read about the International Monetary Fund’s proposal for a new world currency, dubbed the bancor, in memory of the economist John Maynard Keynes. The IMF article, titled Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability, is available as a .PDF file from their website Move over dollar, the bancor is coming with the New World Order. Once we take out Iran and that then totally collapses our economy, look for the bancor soon after in a world bank near you.

Another point to ponder, though I forget where I read it. You’ve heard about the Euphrates River drying up. Well, this comes from the other end. The Persian Gulf salt water is washing upriver in the Hiddekel River (into which runs the Euphrates, Tigris, and Ulai [Karun] Rivers) and killing all river life along the banks. I do not know how far up the river the salt water damage has traveled so far, but I do know that it is an end-time sign. Keep an eye on this area, for this is the area of Basra, Iraq, near where Daniel had his Chapter 8 vision. Anyone feeling birth pangs yet? Tick-tock. It is way past time (I mean it is past midnight prophetically!) to fill your lamp with His anointing oil. Ding! Time to wake up sleepy heads. The Bridegroom is coming!

Blessings over the holidays,

Gene Benjamin II

September 5, 2010 CE

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