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The Tor Network

The TOR Network

TOR stands for The Onion Router network. It bounces your web signals around the world to hide your IP address from evil authorities. As the world falls into communism, chaos, and anarchy with the approach of Anti-messiah, it’s time to learn how to use tools like the Tor Network, Signal, and Session secure messaging apps and websites. Facebook and Twitter and many news agencies have TOR websites running now to help those in Russia and Ukraine continue to get real news and communicate during this horrible startup war. Check out this brief article:

If you still don’t believe war is coming to Amerika and the rest of the world, you are delusional and live in a fantasy world.

Download the TOR Browser here: Get it on your computer and learn how to use it.

For the adventurous, create a USB Live System called TAILS, download from here: You can boot into the Tails Live System off a USB thumbdrive, even on Windows 10 or 11. Tails is an entire Linux Operating System built around the TOR network. Keep the USB handy and in a secure location!

Gene's secure encrypted NO metadata Session message app ID: 058a9f2c271383a3c83909c1884abd26dffc5b135b0b23a3f182c02c6212b56836 Download Session from https://getsession.orgSend me a note today! I still don’t know how to use Session that well, nor do I know how to tie my phone’s app to my computer’s app with the same Session ID.

Signal is in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Session is in the Google Play Store, and probably on Apple App Store also.

See you in the Great Tribulation!!

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