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Sit Down

Sit Down

Knock-knock. Who’s there? Who me? I’m the Holy Ghost. I’ve come to be your host. Sit down my child let me talk with you awhile. Now my angels tell me, you’re pretty dead. Lately, you don’t use your head. You don’t read the word like you used to, you’re sipping again on Mr. Who.

Now look my time isn’t long and Satan is getting kinda strong. But look, don’t you listen to the evil one because he’s laughing all the time you’re having fun. This world will end with a reel and a rock then I won’t be able to say knock-knock. So please sit down awhile, listen to me my child. The storm is brewing in the sea, so son you betta grab a knee. Bow down to the almighty God because he is the Master Rod. Stop this nonsense and straighten up. Remember to drink from Jesus’ cup.

Put the booze and smokes away. Wake up, sleep down, always pray. Now remember at times when you are weak and low and Satan tells you where to go. Remember I’m the Holy Ghost and I love being your host. Sit down my child listen for awhile. By now I hope you understand why I had to take a stand. You were really going out the door. If you did, I couldn’t do more. The Holy Ghost doesn’t force anyone but leads them always to the son.

Now that you have another chance I hope you’ll turn to the Holy dance. Now remember what I’m telling you my friend flee from the Devil, flee from sin. Sit down, sit-down my child. You must stop growing wild. The angels take down all you do, please walk in Jesus’ shoe.

Yes, yes I’m the Holy Ghost I love being your host. So use me each and every day I just love it when you pray. So child, now you can get on up I know you’re glad when I interrupt.

Marner Campbell-Benjamin

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