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Happy Thanksgiving!

A true Neo-Messianic holiday

by Dr. Miles Jones

The Reformation in the 16th century was sparked by the recovery of The

Received Text of the Bible which had been preserved from the Hebrew by the

Neo-Messianics, especially the Waldensians of northern Italy. All of the reformers:

Calvin, Bezae, even Luther went to Geneva to recover the true Word and translate

it into the languages of Europe. No more monopoly of the Word only in Latin (or

Greek). Suddenly, the entire Bible was available to the masses in their

languages! The result was that within 30 years, 2/3 of Europe became

Protestants. The Reformation movement was about Teshuvah - repent and

return to Yahuah and his Son Yeshua. The Geneva Bible in English was

one of those Reformation Bibles that founded the New World. Many sought out

the truth of the Old Covenant as well as the New. New Sabbatarian churches and

movements sprang up.

The Puritans of England were one of these Old Covenant movements. One group

of Puritans were deemed separatists because they believed the Reformation

had not gone far enough. They were called Pilgrims and were persecuted so

severely they were forced to emigrate, first to Holland, then the New World.

The Pilgrims worshiped on the Saturday Sabbath. They were the first

settlers in America, and they were Neo-Messianics. Their arrival in the New

World was ill-timed. It was going into winter and many starved. Only one

woman survived the winter but no children died. The women gave all their food

to their children.

By harvest time there were new arrivals and the Pilgrims and the Indians

who had helped them survive the winter sat down to a Thanksgiving dinner to

thank Yahuah for the abundance of the land.

Let us never forget the courage of these Neo-Messianic pioneers of America.

Despite their sacrifices and losses, they lifted their heads and hearts to

Yahuah and praised Him for their blessings. By doing so they established the New

World as a Covenant contract with Almighty Yahuah and His Son, our Messiah.

That Covenant is echoed in our founding documents.

We have all known loss and we have all known blessings. Today, let us follow our

forebears in lifting up our hearts and praising Yahuah for our blessings on this

true Neo-Messianic holy day!

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