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Chinese Communist Bible

Here’s a news post from Mission Network News concerning a terrible mistranslation of a Bible in China:

CCP-sponsored Bible mistranslates John 8

China (MNN) -- Did Jesus stone a woman to death? That’s how the eighth chapter of John ends in the new Bible translation commissioned by the Chinese Communist Party. In the same section of the translation, Jesus also announces that he is not without sin. Todd Nettleton with The Voice of the Martyrs USA says the CCP first ordered this propaganda project in 2019. Officials expressed a desire to “update” the Bible with CCP values. “They were also going to annotate the Bible with passages from Confucian from Taoist from Buddhist classics to try to just equate Christianity with some of the other main religions in China. They said this is going to take 10 years for us to do. However, they've already started to use some of the newly translated passages in other publications. One of them though, the one that we found was in a textbook for high school students.” This translation is so bad, the CCP has become embarrassed by it. Nettleton says they are considering halting the project, but haven’t announced anything official. In the meantime, pray Chinese people will have access to accurate Bible translations. “Those who are involved in Bible distribution understand very clearly that they are risking five years in prison just to be a part of getting Bibles into the hands of people in China. So pray for safety.”

Call to action

  • Pray for the safety of people getting accurate Bibles into China.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show the real Jesus to many people in China.

Here’s a direct link to the article:

It’s unfortunate that we have to translate the Holy Bible, but we do it in part because of evil influences like the Communist Chinese Party. This is another reason why I continue to edit and publish my personal Son Of Man Bible. My Bible is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You are free and legally freed to change the name and make your own Bible from mine, or to just copy it, paste it, publish it, print it, even sell it commercially, as long as it is released under the same license as the original Bible. Just change the name if you make your own Bible.

You can check out my Son Of Man Bible on our website here: Simply scroll down and read the PDF version online. It is updated six days a week, Sunday through Friday.

If you want your own copy of the Son Of Man Bible, just email me at anapto2 at gmail dot com. I can email you a .rtf or .PDF copy. I recently converted my .rtf into .docx and installed the Son Of Man Bible into the Logos Bible Software program. It works great!

Some people may think I’m just on some kind of ego trip making and distributing my own Bible. Well, it has nothing to do with ego. I’m simply executing a Holy Bible preservation effort under the Creative Commons. Digital copies of my Son Of Man Bible are stored on servers all over the world. When you can no longer buy a printed Bible, or print a paper Bible, you will still be able to download and use my digital Bible modules. Laugh now, but maybe later you’ll be thankful for my little effort in the Kingdom of Yahuwah.

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