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Why don’t you ask King David?

“There is no pre-tribulation rapture!”

Oh, is that so?

Why don’t you ask King David?

By Pastor F. M. Riley

December 20, 2014

Texts: 2 Samuel 22, Psalm 18


King David lived over 3,000 years ago. So what would he know about the resurrection and rapture of us who are New Covenant believers living in this present “dispensation of grace”? This will likely come as a surprise to many of our readers, but King David knew far more about the subject than many today who boast of being “prophecy teachers.” If these pre-trib rapture rejectors are so brilliant, then why have they never noticed or even suspected that King David prophesied of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture 3,000 years ago? Proof? Gladly!

In some study Bibles in use today, 2 Samuel 22 has a heading over the chapter which is entitled, “David’s Song of Deliverance.” I urge our readers to carefully study this chapter, and to notice that the chapter is repeated a second time almost word for word in Psalm 18. Keep in mind what Joseph was inspired of God to say about a thing being repeated twice in the Word of God, Genesis 41:32.

As you read this article and study David’s Song of Deliverance, notice that David is writing in the first person (using himself as the subject) throughout the chapter, yet as David writes he is setting forth a type of the true believer, either Jew or Gentile.

There are two outlines of this chapter I want to set before our readers, the first outline based on the literal statements in the chapter, but the second outline based on the prophetic truths being set forth by David…..


Verse 1 The occasion which motivated David’s Song of Deliverance.

2-3 David’s faith in and praise for the Lord.

4-7 David calling on the Lord in view of great danger from his enemies.

8-16 The Lord’s answer to David’s prayers.

17-20 David’s prophecy of his resurrection and rapture.

21-27 David’s prophecy of his judgment for rewards.

28-31 David’s prophecy of the enlightenment and salvation of his people.

32-43 David’s prophecy of the rise and might of Israel during the Tribulation.

44-46 David’s prophecy of redeemed Israel becoming “head of the nations.”

47-49 David’s prophecy of the destruction of the wicked and the anti-christ.

50-51 The exaltation of David as King over Israel forevermore.


Verses 1 The Occasion for David’s Song of Deliverance

2-3 Violence and fear in the earth just before the Tribulation

4-7 New Covenant believers crying out to the Lord for Deliverance

8-16 The Lord’s answer to the prayers of His people

17-20 The Resurrection and Pre-Tribulation Rapture of New Covenant believers

21-27 The “Bema” Judgment following the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

28-31 On Earth the Enlightenment and Salvation of the Jewish Remnant

32-43 The Rise and Might of Redeemed Israel during the Tribulation

44-46 Redeemed Israel being made the “Head of the Nations”

47-49 The Destruction of the Wicked and the anti-christ

50-51 King David exalted to rule over Redeemed Israel forever

Now let’s seriously study and examine David’s “Song of Deliverance” and see these amazing truths set forth in God’s wonderful Word…..

The Occasion for David’s Song of Deliverance…22:1

This opening verse in this chapter states that King David wrote this song of praise to the Lord after “the Lord had delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul.”

Some readers may have never realized that King Saul was a type of the coming anti-christ. Saul, even though anointed by the prophet Samuel in obedience to God, was the king favored and chosen of the people, even as the future anti-christ will be favored and chosen of the people. Read it for yourself in John 5:43. Just as Saul sought to destroy David, God’s chosen king, in order to prevent David from being King over Israel, so the coming anti-christ will seek to destroy every person on earth who turns to and seeks the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior during the coming Tribulation period, thereby preventing the Lord Jesus from being King over Israel and over all of mankind. However, just as the Lord God caused David to triumph over Saul, so will the Lord God cause all who turn to the Lord during the coming Tribulation to ultimately triumph over the anti-christ. Read it for yourself in Revelation 15:2-4 and 20:4.

David’s Faith in and Praise for the Lord…22:2-3

Typical of violence and fear in the earth just before the Tribulation

“And he said, The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer:

The God of my rock; in Him will I trust: He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my Savior; Thou savest me from violence.”

King David began his “song of deliverance” by revealing his absolute faith and trust in the Lord for his protection and deliverance, as he praised the Lord. Isn’t this what every true believer today should be doing when we go to God’s throne of grace in prayer? Read Philippians 4:6-7 and Psalm 47:6-7.

David calling on the Lord…22:4-7

Typical of New Covenant Believers crying out to the Lord for Deliverance

“I will call on the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.

When the waves of death compassed me, the floods of ungodly men made me afraid;

The sorrows of hell compassed me about; the snares of death prevented [came upon] me;

In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried to my God: and He did hear my voice out of His temple, and my cry did enter into His ears.”

In these Scriptures David is describing the exact situation that God’s people find themselves in today. Even as I write “the waves of death” are sweeping over all of mankind’s boasted “civilization.” Law and order and authority is breaking down in America and in other countries around the world today as “floods of ungodly men” make this present world an unsafe place for decent, peace loving, people to even live. The streets of America are no longer safe for a person to walk alone on at night. Muggings, robberies, looting, burning, rape, kidnapping, shooting, and murder are now common every day events. Every honest reader knows that violence and death is literally “compassing” [encircling] mankind about today. In essence, King David was inspired of God to prophetically describe the exact situation that exists in the world we believers are living in today, just preceding the beginning of the Tribulation. Compare Genesis 6:5 just preceding the flood in the days of Noah, and the words of the Lord Jesus Himself in Luke 17:26. Is David’s description of life in the world today just “coincidence?” Be careful how you answer! The Lord God is listening!

What was David’s solution for his and our present situation? David said that he “called upon the Lord, and cried out to…God.” And with great faith and assurance, David said that God heard his “voice” and that his “cry” entered into the “ears” of God. How many of God’s people today are crying out to God with such faith and assurance? How many today even want deliverance from the dangerous world situation we find ourselves in? How many readers today simply refuse to see what is happening in the world about us, and are looking to “the government” to solve the problems and make the world a better place? Sic!

Dear reader, you either believe all of God’s Word or you really don’t believe any of it! We have arrived! When David was in this dangerous situation, he called upon the Lord for deliverance. How many “professing Christians” today are following David’s example? Well…??

The Lord’s answer to David’s Prayers…22:8-16

Typical of the Lord’s answer to the prayers of His New Covenant People

“Then the earth shook and trembled; the foundations of heaven moved and shook, because He was wroth.

There went up a smoke out of His nostrils, and fire out of His mouth devoured: coals were kindled by it.

He bowed the heavens also, and came down; and darkness was under His feet.

And He rode upon a cherub, and did fly: and He was seen upon the wings of the wind.

And He made darkness pavilions round about Him, dark waters and thick clouds of the skies.

Through the brightness before Him were coals of fire kindled.

The Lord thundered from heaven, and the Most High uttered His voice.

And He sent out arrows, and scattered them; lightning, and discomfited them.

And the channels of the sea appeared, the foundations of the world were discovered, at the rebuking of the Lord, at the blast of the breath of His nostrils.”

If our readers have ever wondered what is going to happen when the Lord comes “down” from Heaven to resurrect and rapture His New Covenant believers to glory preceding the Tribulation period, then study these Scriptures carefully.

When Christ Jesus arose out from among the dead, there was a “great earthquake,” Matthew 27:51-53. At that time other believers came out of their graves after Christ had arose, making up the “firstfruits” of the resurrection, Leviticus 23:9-14; 1 Corinthians 15:20-23. Since a “great earthquake” occurred when Christ and the “firstfruits” were resurrected, should we not expect as great or even greater earthquake to occur when all New Covenant believers all over the earth are resurrected? David certainly prophesies such an earthquake as occurring at the time the Lord comes down to resurrect and rapture His New Covenant bride and people to glory, 22:8. This great earthquake is because the Lord will be “wroth” with the wicked upon the earth. Wasn’t God angry with the wicked on the earth in the days preceding the flood? Read Genesis 6:5-7; 6:11-13.

Is it just “coincidence” that for several years earthquakes have been increasing in frequency and intensity all over the earth? Is it just “coincidence” that in this present year [2014] these earthquakes have increased until there is a major [6 or above on the richter scale] earthquake somewhere in the earth nearly every day? Is it just “coincidence” that the very last “sign” the Lord Himself gave as a warning to those living in this present dispensation, of His SOON return was “earthquakes in divers places,” Matthew 24:7? Well…??

David states that this earthquake will be so great that the very “foundations of heaven” will move and shake. Oh, too bad about all those satellites and other junk men have placed in orbit. Tsk! Tsk! Can our readers even visualize the rain of objects falling upon the earth from out of the sky when the sky above the earth is mightily shaken as the Lord “comes down” to rescue His people? 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

At the time the Lord “comes down” He will be in an absolute rage [wroth] against the wicked. The first half of the Tribulation, immediately following the rapture, will be the time of “the wrath of the Lamb.” Compare Revelation 6:16.

Yes, I am certain some of these split rapturists, mid-trib rapturists, post tribulation rapturists, Preterists, and others will have a “conniption fit” for my pointing out these truths for God’s people and for lost seeking souls. Save your “fit” for some other occasion. The very wording and context of David’s song here proves that he is prophesying of the events which immediately precede the resurrection and pre-tribulation rapture. Let’s make this glaringly clear for our readers…..

When the precious Lord Jesus comes down and this last great earthquake occurs, the earth will shake and tremble to the extent that likely every volcano on earth will explode into eruption. This will cause “smoke” and “fire” to quickly spread all over the surface of the earth, blocking out the light of the Sun and plunging the entire earth into “darkness,” exactly as indicated in 22:9. Read also Peter’s transliteration of Joel’s prophecy in Acts 2:19-21.

Those who truly believe in the Pre-tribulation rapture know that it is going to be a “secret” rapture, seen and experienced only by true New Covenant believers. Now what does David say about the Lord’s coming here in his song of deliverance? David says that at the time the Lord comes “darkness was [will be] under His feet,” and that He will make “darkness pavilions round about Him,” 22:10; 22:12. The word “pavilions [sukkah]” literally means, “tabernacle, booth, tent, or dwelling.” See Strong’s Concordance, No. 5521. So when the Lord comes down “darkness” will be under His feet, and He will be dwelling within “darkness.” Since “darkness” will be under His feet when He comes down, then it is glaringly obvious that the unsaved wicked on the earth will not be able to see Him coming down. They will see only the “darkness” between them and the Lord. Isn’t this a simple observation? D-u-h! Only true believers [those He is coming for] will see Him as He comes down. Therefore, the rapture will obviously be a “secret” rapture. Since He will be dwelling within a “pavilion” of darkness, then it is also obvious that the unsaved cannot look into where He is dwelling as He comes down with the “darkness” under Him and around Him. And in that “darkness” New Covenant believers will be “caught up” to meet the Lord in a secret rapture. Another simple observation! Double D-u-h! Hello! Are some awake yet?

What David does say about Christ “coming down” is that He will be riding or flying upon “a cherub,” 22:11. In view of what is stated in Ezekiel 1, this may or may not mean that the Lord will be traveling in some sort of UFO or space craft, which may or may not be visible to the unsaved who watch the heavens. Those who are true believers will see the Lord at the time of the rapture, but the unsaved left on the earth following the rapture will not see Him, Philippians 3:20-21. There will indeed and in truth be a “secret rapture.” Praise the Lord!

Keep in mind that Christ Jesus is “the light of the world,” John 1:4-9;3:19; 8:12. Therefore David, in describing His coming, says that the Lord is preceded by a “brightness before Him” that is so bright that “coals of fire” are “kindled” by it, 22:13. Then David adds that the Lord “thundered from heaven, and the Most High uttered His voice,” 22:14. Isn’t this quite similar to the description of the Lord by John in Revelation 1:10-16 and 10:1-7? It is stated quite plainly in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 that the Lord, at the time of the rapture, is going to call to His people with “a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump [trumpet] of God.” The Greek word translated as “shout” in this passage literally means “an intelligent call; a loud cry of warning or alert.” The Lord Himself also clearly stated that He is coming to receive His people to Himself “as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming [parousia] of the Son of man be,” Matthew 24:27. See also Luke 17:24. In other words, the rapture will occur like a bolt of lightning travels in an instant from one side of the sky to the other. Compare 1 Corinthians 15:51-52. Folks, anyone with normal intelligence knows that when lightning occurs, it is always followed by thunder. This appears to be an indication that the “secret” rapture of New Covenant believers will be immediately followed by the “thunder” of the Tribulation period beginning.

Then in 22:15 David describes how the Lord sends out “arrows” against all of our enemies who are trying to destroy God’s people, and “scatters them.” And in 22:16 David again talks about “the channels of the sea” appearing, and “the foundations of the world” being “discovered, at the rebuking of the Lord, at the blast of the breath of His nostrils.” This is apparently due to the whole earth being terribly shaken by our Lord and Savior, whose anger is burning hot against the wicked Christ rejectors who will be left behind on the earth.

Those true believers who are seriously studying the prophecies and “watching” today, as the Lord instructed us to do, know that plans are being made by the promoters of the New World Order right now against “Christians” in the world who refuse to renounce or compromise their faith in the God of the Bible and in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is true in other countries, but it is especially true here in the United States. “American” Bible believing Christianity is truly a thorn in the side of the New World Order people. There will be no place in the New World Order government for Bible believers or Bible believing Christianity. True Christianity today stands in the way of the establishment of a one-world Atheistic-Socialist-Communist one-world government, “American Christianity” must be eliminated. This means eliminating all Americans who believe in and cleave to the Lord Jesus Christ and the God of the Judeo-Christian Bible. Now do our readers understand why King David speaks of being “compassed” [encircled about] by our wicked “enemies.” Folks, whether some Christian believers realize it or not, we believers today who take God’s Word as literal truth are living under a “death sentence” right now! I truly believe the leaders in our own government would like to see us dead! It is only going to get worse as time passes.

Here in this country FEMA Camps (remember Hitler’s Concentration Camps?) have already been established all over this country, just waiting for the proper time to be put into use. Christian programs are being steadily removed from television. Such gospel broadcasts are already nearly non-existent on radio. Movies and TV programs are being produced that directly blaspheme our Bible and our God, and smear the Savior at every opportunity. Prayer and Bible study has been removed from the schools, and most public places. There are all kinds of indications that the government is preparing to seize control of the Internet and remove all “Christian” use of it. The churches and the ranks of Christianity are being invaded by “false teachers” and compromisers as never before, who are busy, busy, busy, watering down the gospel of Christ. And on and on and on I could go pointing out how the wicked and vile are literally surrounding God’s people today, preparing to rise up and eliminate Bible believers and Bible believing Christianity from among mankind. What the New World Order crowd wants is a “world government” strictly devoted to Atheistic-Socialist-Communism. Those readers who can’t see this danger which Christian believers are facing RIGHT NOW simply are not looking. Revelation 22:11 fits such readers well!

But let me assure our readers that this plan of the wicked was anticipated by our Lord and Savior, and He is going to keep His promise to keep His people “from” what the wicked have planned for us. The Greek word, “harpazo,” translated as “caught up” in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, not only means to “catch up; snatch away; forcibly remove;,” but it also means “to snatch out of the path of imminent danger.” Take a Greek Lexicon or good Concordance and look it up for yourself. In other words, it is the same word one might use in describing a huge truck bearing down on a child playing in the street, who is unaware of being in danger, and at the last instant someone reaches out and snatches the child out of the path of the truck, thereby saving the child from being destroyed. So our precious Lord and Savior has promised to “snatch” His New Covenant Church and believers out of this present impending destruction by the wicked. Glory to God! Hallelujah! What a Savior we believers have!

Dear readers, I am asked every few days by some brother or sister how much more suffering and affliction and outright persecution we believers are going to have to experience before our Lord comes? I don’t know! And that is my honest answer. But I do know that the Lord is faithful who promised, and He has never broken a promise. I am a saved by grace, born-again, believer who is “standing on the promises” of the Lord God, my beloved Savior and Lord. The Lord Jesus, in speaking directly to His blood bought church at Philadelphia, clearly promised, “Because thou hast kept the Word of My patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation [peirasmos…tribulation; trouble], which shall come upon all the world, to try [peirasmos…trouble; test] them that dwell upon the earth,” Revelation 3:10. This tells me that our Lord and Savior is going to “snatch out” His church and people just in the nick of time to prevent the wicked New World Order crowd from destroying His bride and His people. Glory to God! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

David’s Prophecy of his Resurrection and Rapture…22:17-20

Typical of the Resurrection and Pre-Tribulation Rapture of NT believers

This is why David then says, “He sent from above, He took me; He drew me out of many waters;

He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them that hated me: for they were too strong for me.

They prevented [came against] me in the day of my calamity; but the Lord was my stay.

He brought me forth also into a large place: He delivered me, because He delighted in me.”

How much plainer could it be made that David is speaking prophetically of the rapture of God’s people? Just as the Lord spoke to John from Heaven in Revelation 4:1, calling John to “come up hither,” so David describes the Lord sending “from above” and drawing His people “out of many waters.” Note this statement well!

It is clearly taught and stated in Isaiah 57:20 and Revelation 17:15 that “the waters” symbolize “peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.” Therefore David’s statement that the Lord drew him “out of many waters” is highly significant. King David was living in the land of Israel; one specific location on earth. Yet he says here that the Lord sent from Heaven and drew him out of “many waters.” This clearly indicates that the pre-tribulation rapture of God’s people will take place all over the earth in all of the different nations and peoples of the earth at the exact same time. Glory to God! God’s believing people will be drawn out of “many waters.” O praise the Lord!

In drawing David out, he was delivered from his enemies who were too strong for him, 22:18. Likewise, all New Covenant believers will be delivered from our enemies for time and for eternity when the Lord comes in the air and the Pre-tribulation Rapture occurs. This wicked world system will seek to come upon us and destroy us, just at the “appointed time” for the rapture to occur. But as David said, “The Lord” will be our “stay,” 22:19. This Hebrew word means “solid pavement, rock, or foundation.” In other words, the Lord is “the rock of our salvation,” and will be the great immoveable boulder upon which every true believer stands. Not one of God’s people will be left behind when the rapture occurs, 1 Corinthians 15:23. Glory to God! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

Then David added that the Lord “brought me forth also into a large place; He delivered me, because He delighted in me,” 22:20.

Glory hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Yes, those who are true believers will be delivered out of “this present evil world,” Galatians 1:4, and taken “home” to the New Jerusalem. This Christ rejecting evil world, from a spiritual viewpoint, has never had any place for God’s people to live among them, John 15:18-19. We simply are not wanted here. The world system now regards us as “useless eaters” just taking up space in this world, and are making plans right now to destroy us. Don’t let it bother any true believer reading this study. The Lord Jesus is coming to take us “home” to the New Jerusalem, our Father’s house, where there is plenty of room for us; “a large place;” an abiding place for every one of His children, John 14:1-3. Oh what glory that will be! And it will never fade away like the treasures of this world. Praise the Lord! Glory!

David’s Prophecy of his rewards…22:21-27

Typical of the “Bema” Judgment following the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Some readers may think that I have inserted my own “interpretation” into this chapter dealing with King David’s Song of Deliverance? If this were so [which it isn’t], then why are all the Scriptures in this song arranged in the exact prophetical order in which the prophecies are to be fulfilled? I didn’t write this song! It was written by King David over 3,000 years ago. Now how could King David have known the exact prophetical order of end-time fulfillment for the Lord’s New Covenant church and people and Israel except that he was inspired of God to set forth these truths about these end-time events some 3,000 years in advance of their fulfillment? Well…??

For instance, what happens to New Covenant believers after they are “caught up” to glory in the Pre-tribulation Rapture? The very next thing on the prophetical agenda for the raptured saints is the “bema” judgment of the believer’s works in order to receive their rewards, exactly as set forth here in the Song of David. More “coincidence?” Not hardly!

David was inspired of God to speak of the believer’s rewards, just after he had spoken about the rapture of believers. “The Lord rewarded me according to my righteousness: according to the cleanness of my hands hath he recompensed me.

For I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God.

For all His judgments were before me: and as for His statutes, I did not depart from them.

I was also upright before Him, and have kept myself from mine iniquity.

Therefore the Lord hath recompensed me according to my righteousness; according to my cleanness in His eye sight.”

After the Pre-Tribulation Rapture has occurred and every New Covenant believer has been “caught up” into “a large place” [New Jerusalem…Revelation 21:16], then the “bema” judgment occurs. This judgment, just as David says, is to judge [test or try] the works done by the believer in the service of the Lord while still in this present life, 1 Corinthians 3:10-15; 2 Corinthians 5:9-10; 1 John 2:27-28.

David clearly points out that our judgment for rewards will be “according to my [our] righteousness: according to the cleanness of my hand…,” 22:21. What is the believer’s righteousness? Is it not “the righteousness of Christ” imputed to the believer? Romans 4. Does not the Holy Spirit of God indwell the believer, showing us daily and even minute by minute and instance by instance what is right and what is wrong in the sight of God? John 14:16-26. Then why don’t we live in a state of perfection at this present time? Isn’t it because we believers have two natures dwelling within our bodies? Romans 6:11-14; 13:14; Galatians 5:16-26. Every true believer has within their flesh the “sin nature” inherited from Adam, and the “new nature” we received when we were “born-again” of the Spirit of God. Which nature the believer yields themselves to at any given time determines whether they will receive a reward in glory, or whether their works, when tested, will be burned and vanish away at the “bema” judgment, Romans 6:15-23; 2 Corinthians 5:10. Will we hear our Lord say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant,” or will we hang our head in shame as our works are being tried? Read Matthew 25:14-21 and 1 John 2:27-28.

David, even though he obviously sinned in his life, yet speaks with assurance in saying, “For I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God,” 22:22. Dear readers, if one is truly a saved by grace, born-again, child of God, we do not allow the works of the flesh to overcome us and keep us from following the Lord, 1 John 5:1-5. Yes, we may fail from time to time to live up to our “profession,” or get knocked down from time to time by our own iniquities, which David plainly speaks of in 12:24, but the true believer, by the grace of God, will get up and keep right on seeking to live for and serve the Lord. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

Years ago an older believer expressed it to me this way….. The needle on a good compass always points to the north, even though it can temporarily be drawn away by bringing an intruding magnetic object close to the needle of the compass. Remove the intruding object and the needle of the compass swings right back to pointing to the north again. True believers seek to serve the Lord every day in every aspect of their lives. There may come something or someone into our life, that because of the weakness of the flesh, may temporarily draw our attention off of our service to the Lord, but as soon as that thing or person is removed from our life, the true believer will go right back to seeking the will of the Lord for their life and serving Him. So it was with David!

So it is with a true believer. Yes, we do have the weakness of the flesh to contend with in our lives, and sometimes things, or even people, come into our lives causing us to fail to live up to the will of God. But remove the offending object (or person) out of our lives, and the true believer will go right back to living for the Lord. Why? Because the true believer has a fervent love for the Lord, and a fervent desire to live for the Lord. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

So it was with David. Yes, King David committed a grievous sin with Bathsheba and was responsible for the death of her husband, yet he found forgiveness and cleansing in seeking the will of the Lord for his life. Glory to God! I would remind our readers that perhaps the greatest apostle of the Lord was Paul, the persecutor and waster of “the church of God,” Galatians 1:13. Yet, by the grace of God, Paul found forgiveness and cleansing in Christ Jesus, and became one of the greatest servants of the Lord to be found in the pages of God’s Word. Glory to God!

Remember that Christ died for sinners. He did not die for “good men,” for the Scriptures plainly state, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23; Ecclesiastes 7:20. Yes, there is indeed “room at the cross for you.”

No, I am not excusing myself or any other believer in pointing out these truths. David did not excuse himself either. He plainly stated in 22:23, “For all His judgments were before me: and as for His statutes, I did not depart from them.” What was David referring to in this Scripture? He was referring to God’s inspired Word. David had the written Word of God to tell him plainly God’s will for mankind. Don’t we New Covenant believers also have the inspired Word of God to tell us what the will of God is for our lives? Of course we do! But did David always pay attention to God’s Word? No! And do we always pay attention to and follow the will of God’s Word without deviation which we know is written for us right there in the Bible? Be careful how you answer! God is listening!

David’s conclusion about the believer’s rewards in glory is then stated in 22:25, “Therefore the Lord hath recompensed me according to my righteousness; according to my cleanness in His eye sight.” And how does God see the true believer? He sees us through the precious blood and righteousness of His Son who died for us and imputed to us His own righteousness, Romans 4:5-8.

Finally in 22:27-28 David reminded God’s people of the Law of sowing and reaping, which will be used to determine the believers rewards at the “bema” judgment. Compare what is stated in these Scriptures to what the Lord Himself clearly stated in Matthew 5:1-12. Praise the Lord! Glory to God! Hallelujah!

David’s Prophecy of the

Enlightenment and Salvation of Israel…22:28-31

Typical of Israel during the Tribulation

King David then turns his attention to what is happening on the earth during the Tribulation period. Some seem to forget that the seven year Tribulation is the final 70th week determined upon the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, leading to their spiritual enlightenment and salvation as a people and nation, Daniel 9:24. During this present “dispensation of grace” [Ephesians 3:2] Israel and the Jewish people are under “judicial blindness” for having rejected and crucified their Messiah and Savior, Romans 11:25. But King David, in exact prophetical order of fulfillment, tells us that during the Tribulation “…the afflicted people Thou wilt save:” 22:28. David is here speaking of Israel and the Jewish people; the most persecuted and afflicted people in human history. But in this same Scripture David states that the persecutors of the Jewish people will be brought to judgment, “…but Thine eyes are upon the haughty, that Thou mayest bring them down.”

In 22:29 David speaks of the Lord as taking His place once again as the Menorah [lamp] of Israel, who will “lighten my darkness.” Oh praise God. They who were once blind will see, Isaiah 42:18-25. Study carefully the account of the man born blind in John 9, who is a type of the nation and people of Israel.

Then in 22:30 David speaks of Israel, having been enlightened and turned back to their God and Savior, will do great exploits, “For by Thee I have run through a troop: by my God have I leaped over a wall.” Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

In 22:31 David then ascribes the greatness of God as the redeemed “remnant” of Israel comes to full recognition of the God of Israel, “As for God, His way is perfect; the Word of the Lord is tried: He is a buckler to all them that trust in Him.” What David is saying here is that God is always upright in all His ways, and that He is a shield to all who trust in Him. Any reader who feels insecure in this present evil world needs to receive Christ Jesus, and place their whole heart and faith in Him as your own personal Savior.

The Rise and Power of Israel…22:32-43

Typical of the Rise and Might of Redeemed Israel

I find it very sad that some who “profess” to be “Christians” today despise the nation and people of Israel. Whether some like it or not, God did choose Israel as His own covenanted people, through whom He would show His glory and majesty to the rest of mankind upon the earth, Exodus 19:5-6 and Psalm 135:4. In these Scriptures David sets forth redeemed Israel’s intimate relationship to the Lord during the remainder of the Tribulation period. Read Deuteronomy 28:1-14 and believe what you read in the light of Israel’s redemption during the coming Tribulation period.

Due to the length of this passage, I am not going to examine each Scripture in this study, but I would urge our readers to carefully study each of these Scriptures; 22:32-43. These Scriptures clearly reveal Israel’s redemption and relationship with their Lord during the Tribulation, and how they come to totally trust Him in their time of trouble. These Scriptures reveal how the Lord God will teach Israel to war against their enemies, and how Israel will triumph over and consume and subdue their enemies. Consider the present situation between Israel and the Muslim nations today as you read these Scriptures. King David prophesied that Israel will triumph over them all! Glory!

These Scriptures reveal how that all of Israel’s enemies will be beaten down by Israel, to the extent that they will finally look to the Lord God whom they have hated so much, but the Lord will not answer them, 22:42; Psalm 18:40-41. Right here read Proverbs 1:22-32. Psalm 19:17 and Galatians 6:7-8 are still in the Bible! There is a “time” to call upon the Lord for both individuals and nations, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; 12:1; 2 Corinthians 6:1-2. If either an individual or a nation refuses to take advantage of the opportunity to call upon the Lord when it is present, then they have only “eternal damnation” to look forward to in their future. Take heed!

David’s prophecy of Israel becoming a “Super power”…22:44-46

Redeemed Israel being made “Head of the Nations”

It appears to me that these Scriptures are going beyond David himself, and have a peculiar application to Christ Jesus the Lord, of whom David is a type. It is the Lord Jesus who will be “delivered” from “the strivings” of His own Jewish people as they finally acknowledge Him as their Messiah and Savior. Read Zechariah 12:9-10 and 13:6 and rejoice!

While Israel nationally will become the “superpower” nation on the face of the earth [Deuteronomy 28:13], setting the moral and spiritual standards for the rest of the nations of the world to follow during the Millennial Kingdom, yet it is also the Lord Jesus Christ who will visibly and bodily become “head of the heathen” [Gentiles], ruling over the nations on the earth with “a rod of iron,” Zechariah 14:9; Revelation 12:5; 19:5.

In no way does this mean that David will not also be exalted. The prophetic Scriptures make it very plain that King David will be resurrected back to physical life [without a “sin nature”], and will rule over the nation of Israel “forever.” See the Davidic Covenant in 2 Samuel 7:1-29 and 1 Chronicles 17:1-27. See also Jeremiah 30:9 and Ezekiel 34:22-24 and 37:24-25.

I am well aware that most preachers and certainly most of these boasted “prophecy teachers” won’t even touch this subject of David being resurrected and serving as King over Israel “forever.” If our readers will carefully study Ezekiel chapters 40-48, they will find that David, now deceased for these past 3,000 years, is even going to father [begat] more sons during the Millennial Kingdom. Now tell me, is the procreation of children done by spiritual beings, or is procreation something the Lord God gave to mankind living in their natural bodies? Hello!

David then goes on to tell us that “Strangers [foreigners; Gentiles] shall submit themselves unto me: as soon as they hear, they shall be obedient unto me,” 22:45. This is also stated a second time in Psalm 18:43-44. Folks, in this modern technological world we are prone to believe the fairy tale that Christianity has now “preached the gospel” to the whole world. The truth is, that in the third world countries and the Communist countries there are millions of people that have never heard the name of “Jesus,” not even one time. It is estimated by those who keep track of such statistics that approximately one-half of humanity living in the world today has never heard the gospel of Christ. But during the coming Tribulation and the Millennial Kingdom which follows, every living soul on earth will hear about Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. David says that “as soon as they hear, they shall be obedient unto me.” [Christ Jesus the Lord of whom David is a type]. Praise the Lord!

But David also points out that those “strangers” during the Tribulation who will not submit to Christ, will “fade away, and they shall be afraid out of their close places,” 22:46. Compare Isaiah 2:19-22 and Micah 7:16-17. This latter passage in Micah also reveals that Israel shall be exalted as “head over the nations.” In other words, the “super-power” nation on the earth during the coming Millennial Kingdom.

In case this seems impossible or improbable to some readers, I suggest you review the covenant God made with Abraham in Genesis 15:18-21. When the Lord returns to the earth at the end of the Tribulation, little Israel, a nation presently not much bigger than Rhode Island, will be occupying all the land from the river of Egypt on the south to the mountains of Lebanon and the Caucasus mountains on the north, and eastward all the way to the Euphrates River. What a mighty nation Israel will become in the next seven years! Glory to the God of Israel! Glory to my Savior! Hallelujah!

David’s Prophecy of the Destruction of the Wicked…22:47-49

Typical of Earth being Purged of the Wicked and the Violent Man

But how could this be? How could it not be when the Lord purges this whole earth of all of the Bible denying, Christ rejecting, God hating, Israel despising, atheistic, unbelieving, wicked on the face of the whole earth? Oh yes He will…..

When Noah and his family came forth from the Ark after the flood, how many unbelieving wicked people were left alive on the earth? “O”- Zero – Zilch – NONE! God is the God of righteousness and holiness. He created this earth and mankind upon it to be a Kingdom of righteousness and justice. And it will be!

Now turn and read Isaiah 66:16 and Jeremiah 25:32-33 and believe what you read. God has already purged this earth of the wicked one time previously, and yet some refuse to believe that He will do it again, but He will! David points out in 22:47-48 that the Lord God will be exalted, as He avenges the injustices done to His people, and brings all of surviving mankind under submission to Christ Jesus and to Israel.

In 22:49 David makes it a point to exalt the Lord for bringing forth Israel from their enemies, and delivering them “from the violent man.” There is no question in my mind that “the violent man” spoken of here is a reference to the anti-christ.

The Exaltation of David…22:50-51

Typical of David exalted as King over Israel Forever

Finally, as David’s Song of Deliverance is brought to an end, David thanks and sings praises to the Lord “among the heathen” [Gentiles], 22:50.

I would remind our readers that the inspired Apostle clearly stated, “For if the fall of them [Israel] be the riches of the world, and the diminishing of them the riches of the Gentiles; how much more their fullness?” In other words, if the Gentile peoples of the earth have been so blessed by God, while His chosen nation and people have been out of their right relationship with their God, can we even imagine how much more blessed the Gentile peoples of the earth are going to be when Israel is restored to their right relationship with the Lord? Read Zechariah 8:23 and believe what you read. Glory!

Why? Because the Lord “is the tower of salvation for His king [David]: and showeth mercy to His anointed, unto David, and to his seed forevermore,” 22:51.

Glory to God!


Dear readers, it is glaringly obvious that King David in his “Song of Deliverance” was inspired of God to set forth prophecies about the end-time; this present age in which we are living right now. It is just as obvious to the careful Bible student that David gave his prophecies in the exact prophetical order in which they are to be fulfilled.

Therefore it is glaringly obvious that David was inspired of God to place the prophecies of the resurrection and rapture BEFORE his prophecy of the Tribulation period which follows the rapture. David plainly points out that we New Covenant believers will be in Heaven above receiving our rewards while the Tribulation judgments are being poured out on the wicked left on the earth. Hello!

Then David prophesies of the destruction of all of the incorrigible wicked at the end of the Tribulation, and the exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ and himself as rulers over redeemed Israel and the nations, which will come to pass during the glorious Millennial Kingdom of our Lord.

Folks, There is a glorious future that is awaiting every true believer, and it is just about time for it to begin. I hope every reader is saved by God’s grace, and is watching and waiting for the coming of our precious Lord to take all of His people “home” to glory. Please meet me in glory REAL SOON.

“For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, and righteously, and godly, in this present world;

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ;

Who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto Himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee.”

Titus 2:11-15

Written and sent forth in the love of Christ Jesus, our precious Savior and Lord,

Pastor F. M. Riley

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Permission is granted to any true believer or Bible believing Christian ministry to reproduce this study to share with others, or to quote from it in context as written.

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