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While praying, I have come to understand that there may be a stronghold in many homes. Someone in the home may be in covenant with the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I have never and will never tell anyone to stop going to their doctor or stop taking their medicine. But there is one way to see Yehowah move on a person’s behalf. A person doesn’t have to be desperate to do this, many people in the Bible did it and some were desperate, others not, but make a VOW to Yehowah. Tell him that IF he will deliver (from demons), heal (his/her mental condition), and save (name of person here) (his/her miserable soul), THEN the person with the stronghold situation will break the covenant with death with the medical (modern witchcraft) and pharmaceutical (modern sorcery) industries! Then of course, ask him to do it RIGHT NOW, because NOW FAITH IS! The family and household members should discuss this, pray over this, and then do what they feel is right for them!

It occurred to me during a conversation about this covenant with death, I had never heard of it in question form, like “Can a believer make a covenant with death?” I had literally never thought about it before, I probably had just assumed a yes answer, since the children of Israel did such a thing more than once. They were the only believers in Yehowah on the planet at the time. Isaiah 28:14-18, “So listen to the word of Yehowah, you who mock, you who rule over this people who are in Jerusalem. 15This will happen, because you said, “We have made a covenant with death, and with the place of the dead we have reached an agreement. So when the overwhelming whip passes through, it will not reach us. For we have made a lie our refuge and taken shelter in falsehood.”16Therefore, Lord Yehowah says, “See: I will lay in Zion an established Stone, a testing Stone, a precious Cornerstone, a sure Foundation. He who believes on him will not be ashamed (Rom. 9:33). 17I will make justice the measuring stick and righteousness the plumb line. Hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and the floodwaters will overwhelm the hiding place. 18Your covenant with death will be dissolved, and your agreement with the place of the dead will not stand. When the conquering whip passes through, you will be overwhelmed by it.”

I came across the passage in Acts 8:4-24 about Simon the former magician. Please read it. Did Peter believe Simon had made a covenant with death? Now some may say that it’s not possible for a believer, a Christian or Messianic believer, to make a covenant with death with the medical or pharmaceutical industries, but I beg to differ. Look at this story of Simon the former magician. Simon got saved under Philip’s ministry and spent some time with Philip. But when Simon saw Peter and John laying hands on people and the people were receiving Ruach Ha’Kodesh, he wanted to buy that power or authority from Peter. With evil motives, he wanted to buy a power gift of the Ruach. Peter told him unless he repented, he and his money would perish. I believe this passage of Scripture demonstrates that a believer can make a covenant with death, or contract with the Devil.

Our heavenly Father has given us free will. That doesn’t go away when we get saved, so I’m leaning into the doctrinal belief that Christian and Messianic believers can make covenant with death, and probably in ways I’ve never thought of. Of course, Yeshua can help us break a covenant with death instantly by his power, blood, and authority over all reality! We just need to learn to walk in repentance on a daily basis. I don’t like to make assumptions for my beliefs or doctrine, so I’ll look into this more when I can.

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