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Final Goodbye to Comet Elenin

Final Goodbye to Comet Elenin

Remember, I told you not to sweat the small comet? Well, it’s now breaking apart. Check out this link:

What people are still worrying about and “prophesying” about, and confusing with Comet Elenin, may be that Planet X, Nibiru thing, a possible brown dwarf that may be close to us soon. It’s planet and solar alignments with this body that may be responsible for some earthquakes and other natural disasters coming to a planet near you. During this 40 days leading up to Yom Kippur, it’s a good time to watch, pray, repent, and prepare to meet thy maker. Yahweh can and will use whatever He desires to bring judgment upon earth. The signs in the heavens were prophesied, so we should see an increase in heavenly activity.

Watch the Middle East, the nations are aligning also to fulfill Scripture and prepare for the end-time wars. Iran is stepping into its role as the king of the south. Russia is ready to play its part as the king of the north. Europe is looking for a strongman to lead that continent to its final destiny. These are the most exciting days in human history . . . prior to Yeshua’s return, that is. Look up, your Redeemer is nearby!

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